Massachusetts Covid-19: 7,000 New Cases and 43 Vaccinated Americans Found Dead!

According to health officials, nearly 7,000 new cases of breakthrough influenza emerged in Massachusetts over the past week, and 43 people died.

6,917 new cases related to Covid-19 infections in vaccinated people were reported last week, with an additional 205 vaccinated people being hospitalized, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

According to the new report, there have been 71,037 cases of breakthrough infections, and 552 people have died from breakthrough infections.

Both figures represent a tiny proportion of all people who have received vaccinations, moreover, in the Bay State there are more than 4.8 million residents who are fully immunized.

Approximately 0.05% of vaccine recipients have been hospitalized, and 1.5% have had an infection confirmed. Only 0.1% have died.

Additionally, the report from the health officials fails to indicate how many patients with underlying conditions are among the breakthrough cases, although it acknowledges that these cases “may be undercounted due to discrepancies” in records.

COVID-19 is infectious in vaccinated people, but its effects are severely blunted, and patients rarely get hospitalized or die from it.

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Because of this, public health officials worldwide continue to emphasize the need for vaccinations and booster shots. Use this tool to find a nearer vaccination provider to you if you need to be vaccinated.

Also on Tuesday, 2,616 new cases of Coronavirus were confirmed, as well as 24 new deaths.

As a result, since the start of the pandemic, there have been 838,994 confirmed cases in the state, with 18,897 deaths recorded.

According to the Department of Public Health’s interactive coronavirus dashboard, Massachusetts’ COVID metrics had been much lower than in spring, but have been increasing since then.

During the past seven days, Massachusetts’ average of positive tests has increased to 3.28%.

Before the delta variant took hold of the state, it was once over 30% but had dropped below 0.5%.

In hospitals in Massachusetts, there are now 740 COVID-19 cases confirmed, the most since April 6, when there were close to 4,000 cases. There were only 85 confirmed cases at one time in July.

There are currently 273 hospitalized individuals who are vaccinated, 154 ICU patients, and 80 intubated individuals.

In total, Massachusetts has now administered more than 11.1 million doses of vaccine.

For Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, more than 5.3 million shots have been given as the first shot. Over 4.5 million shots have been given as the second shot.

Over 979,000 shots have been given as booster shots. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been administered more than 327,000 times.

In the state of Massachusetts, 4,833,513 residents have received their full vaccinations, officials reported on Tuesday.

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