Many Flights were Canceled in San Diego Airport-Thousands of People Trapped

Due to several aircraft cancellations, thousands of travelers are stranded in San Diego or at San Diego International Airport. Due to the widespread lousy weather on Christmas Day, passengers at San Diego International Airport resorted to Twitter to express their displeasure.

According to FlightAware, by 10 p.m. on Christmas night, more than 15,000 planes had been delayed at San Diego International Airport. The total number of canceled flights was 4,818, according to FlightAware.

Many agitated passengers blamed Southwest Airlines, hit hard by cancellations and delays, for their ordeals

According to aviation expert Steve Cosgrove, Southwest Airlines was among the companies impacted particularly hard by the recent snowstorm. Southwest maintains a strict timetable. In just 20 minutes, they can flip a plane. Aircraft and crews begin to wander off course, and getting them back on track becomes difficult

. Fog in San Diego, precipitation in Seattle, and snow in Denver were all weather patterns impacting the northeast and central United States. “These are huge operations,” Cosgrove said. Reports of several-hour wait times to talk with a Southwest Airlines agent by some passengers at San Diego International Airport are not unfounded.

Flight delays and cancellations, according to Cosgrove, are the result of a lack of pilots and other personnel, as well as bad weather. The FAA has set maximum daily flight time limits for pilots.


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