Man with New Heart Leaves Indianapolis Hospital After 400 Days

A man in Indianapolis received the best Christmas present he could have asked for: a new heart after spending 400 days in the hospital. 47-year-old Omarr Gadling stated, “It seemed weird” when physicians told him he would get a new heart.

Staff and patients at Riley Hospital for Children crowded the hallways as Gadling walked toward the exit after the treatment.

For the poet known as “Brother O” among his contemporaries, the party was one he had been looking forward to for a long time. Gadling won the National Spoken Word Award for Overcoming of the Year in 2022, making that the fourth time in a row he has won.

He approaches life with a positive attitude

A press release claims that he spent countless hours mastering his trade while hospitalized. He collaborated with the hospital’s music therapist to set his poetry to music and hosted a radio show from his bed called “Voices Behind the Pens.”

According to the announcement, Gadling’s poetry expresses his personal growth through adversity and his optimism for the future. He plans to approach the future by taking things slowly and steadily. What’s more, “Life is an endless race. This is no easy feat.”

He credits this remark with helping him persevere through difficult circumstances and inspiring him to move forward. Gadling will return to his home in East Chicago, Indiana, after spending the next few weeks in Indianapolis for follow-up appointments.


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