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Man Gives CPR to Unconscious and Injured Monkey


A video of an Indian man giving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to a monkey has gone viral on social media.

Though local media reported that the monkey had died the next day in the hospital, the man who gave the monkey CPR has remained in the public spotlight ever since.

The tragic event started when the monkey managed to escape the dogs chasing it by climbing a nearby tree.

The monkey was later found unconscious and injured on a tree by M Prabhu, 38, a car driver from Perambalur in Tamil Nadu, Gulftoday report.

He said, “I was scared when the monkey climbed the tree with injuries and fell unconscious. I gave him some water. But it did not drink and I was very upset. I did not want to leave the animal in the forest in this condition.”

When Prabhu and his friend realized the animal was suffering, they took it to a hospital.

“I didn’t think of anything, but I breathed into his mouth,” Prabhu said.

Prabhu can be seen thumping the monkey’s chest and attempting to revive it by blowing air into its mouth.

When at the hospital, a vaccine and glucose were administered at the hospital.

It was saddening when the Indian Forest Service officer Sudha Ramen wrote on Twitter, “Unfortunately this monkey had died the next day.

By the way, Prabhu was advised to monitor his health as encounters with wild animals can lead to zoonotic diseases.

The reporter, Thiruselvam, who broke the story, said, “An 8-month-old male monkey rescued by a car driver near Odiyam in Perambalur district has died after a day of treatment. The driver, who resuscitated the monkey, was upset and cried. The monkey was buried by forest officials.”

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