Man Fatally Shot by 2 Officers in Ocean County

A statement released by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office stated that two officers from the Ocean County Police Department were responsible for the fatal shooting of a man on Tuesday evening.

Based on the information provided by the office, officers from the Manchester Township Police Department were dispatched to Elizabeth Avenue just before 8:30 p.m. in response to a report that was placed to 911.

According to the investigations, when they came, they discovered the man, who was not recognized, and two of the cops, who were also not identified, shot him to death.

According to the office, a firearm was discovered next to his body. There was no additional information regarding the shooting that was disclosed on Wednesday afternoon.

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The investigation into the shooting was still ongoing by the office, which conducts investigations whenever a person is shot and killed by a law enforcement officer or passes away while in the custody of the police.

A grand jury will be provided with the findings of the investigation once it has been completed. The purpose of the grand jury is to assess whether or not the evidence warrants the return of an indictment against the officers.

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