Man Faces Jail Time for 2021 Clermont C-section Botched Killing of French Bulldog!

According to online documents maintained by the Lake County Clerk of Court, one of the men detained following the unsatisfactory C-section death of Clermont’s French bulldog Lyla in 2021 is going to prison after entering a plea of not guilty to many crimes last week.

Three years to the day Lyla passed away, on Friday, Frankie Huertas Rivera, 36, entered a plea of not guilty. In 2021, Larry Colon, who was fifty years old at the time, gave Rivera $650 to operate on Lyla in his living room.

On February 9, 2021, Colon’s daughter recorded the horrifying procedure and uploaded it to TikTok. A probable cause affidavit in the case states that Lyla was seen writhing and shivering in agony as Rivera cut her open and that Colon was holding her down while this was happening.

Following the procedure, Lyla was already dead when Colon brought her to a nearby veterinarian, where a staff member gave the French bulldog chest compressions for fifteen minutes in an effort to prolong her life.

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It was thought that Lyla died of septic shock as a result of pollution and that there were still two dead puppies inside her when she was discovered. According to the complaint, the veterinarian informed a deputy of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office that Lyla and her two deceased puppies “suffered unjust cruelty and suffering due to unethical medical services performed.”

Rivera was apprehended in Hernando County on a warrant for practicing veterinary medicine without a license, conspiring to commit animal cruelty, and seven charges of aggravated animal cruelty. Colon was later detained on a warrant for animal cruelty.

River entered a plea of not guilty to all of the accusations against him. He was given a sentence of more than two years in prison, five years of probation, an order prohibiting him from having any contact with animals, and an obligation to complete an eight-week course on animal cruelty with the Humane Society.

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