Man Arrested for Pointing Gun at Stranger’s Head in Waukegan Bakery

Prosecutors said that a guy brandishing a gun entered a Waukegan bakery, suddenly pointed it at someone’s head, and then told them to get down.

Three counts of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and one count of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon were brought against Waukegan resident Salvador Garibay-Sanchez, 29.

Francis DeRosa, the assistant state’s attorney for Lake County, reported that the Waukegan Police Department responded to a 911 call on Monday involving a gunman inside a bakery. The bakery’s location was not revealed in court.

Officers discovered a man Hispanic guy with a gun was wearing a red shirt. When police arrived, they found Garibay-Sanchez, who fit the description, and he walked up to them.

According to DeRosa, surveillance footage showed Garibay-Sanchez entering the establishment and pacing about while brandishing a gun.

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When someone entered the bakery, Garibay-Sanchez pointed his already-out revolver at the victim’s head with both hands, according to DeRosa.

According to DeRosa, witnesses told police that Garibay-Sanchez threatened to shoot the victim unless he got down on the ground.

According to DeRosa, Garibay-Sanchez and the victim were strangers and there had not been any argument before the occurrence, which she described as a senseless act of violence.

Authorities discovered a loaded handgun in Garibay-Sanchez’s pocket. According to DeRosa, there was a spent shell casing found in the bakery, but no gunfire occurred there.

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Garibay-Sanchez is not in possession of a concealed carry license or a Firearm Owner’s Identification card. Garibay-Sanchez was described as a menace to the community by the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office, which filed a petition to place him under arrest.

The petition was approved by Lake County Judge Theodore Potkonjak, who also mandated that Garibay-Sanchez be detained in the Lake County Jail until his trial.

According to public defender Garibay-Sanchez, his client thought the accused was pursuing him. On December 12, Garibay-Sanchez is expected back in court for a preliminary hearing.

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