Man Angry Over Tesla Vehicle Repair Cost, Sets Car on Fire With Dynamite

A Finnish man who was unhappy with a Tesla Model S electric vehicle he bought, decided to set the car on fire after he was told it would cost $22,000 dollars to repair its battery.

The man, Tuomas Katainen took his vehicle to a Tesla Service Center when he observed that his Model S’ instrument cluster began displaying multiple error codes.

He was told after a month-long inspection, that the only solution to the problem was to replace the entire battery pack at the cost of $22,500.

Katainen also said he was told that the warranty for his eight-year-old car had also expired.

In a YouTube video, he said: “So, I told them I am coming to pick up my car. And now I am going to explore the whole car away because apparently there was no guarantee or anything.”

“There’s nothing left. Absolutely nothing,” Katainen says into the camera.

“I never enjoyed this much with the Tesla! And also, maybe I am the first person in the world who has exploded a Tesla. So maybe, made some history.”

The video which has been viewed over a million times shows a doll likened to Tesla CEO Elon Musk placed in the car.

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Below is the English subtitle of the video according to Tech Startups

00:01 – Finland

00:05 – Finnish Sisu, persistence, and determination are highly valued in every place on earth for centuries.

00:17 – “If I said so, it sure will be done!”

00:21 – Has been said in ancient times by our ancestors

00:24 – Thank god, this built-in feature still exists in us today.

00:31 – Living in the North is difficult anyway.

00:36 – From time to time, things just go wrong, shit hits the fan, then it’s time for this Finnish intransigence to step on the lead!

00:51 – Pommijätkä’s proudly presents:

00:56 – Welcome to Jaala, an idyllic rural village of a couple of thousand inhabitants.

01:03 – A very special blasting operation would be carried out here at the former quarry.

01:12 – This time Pommijätkä’s mission is to explode the 2013 Tesla Model S.

01:19 – But why?

01:21 – Well, owner, Tuomas Katainen self can tell us why.

01:27 – Well, when I Bought that Tesla, the first 1500 km were nice, it was an excellent car so far.

01:35 – Then error codes hit in, so I ordered a tow truck to take my car in service.

01:42 – So car was about a month in a Tesla dealers workshop,

01:46 – and finally I got a call that they can’t do anything for my car, the only option is to change the whole battery cell.

01:53 – The cost would be at least 20000€, and permission for the operation has to ask from Tesla.

02:04 – So I told them that I’m coming to pick Tesla, now I’m going to explode the whole car away.

02:13 – because apparently there was no guarantee or anything.

02:19 – So the car went back to jyväskylä and I started to make plans about a explode with my guys.

02:26 – Then I took a phone in my hand and called for Pommi-Henkka that would he be interested to explore a Tesla?

02:33 – Henkka was excited and willing to take a task.

02:37 – So now we are at a point when there is a bomb attached to a car and Tesla is ready to go.

02:45 – Blasting away a car is not so simple.

02:49 – First thing is safety, there is no room for errors.

02:55 – There is different kind of risks, like pressure wave, because there is about 30 kg of dynamite.

03:02 – So very powerful explosive in use, pressure wave will be enormous.

03:09 – All explosives are on the same side of the car, so we know what direction blast is aimed.

03:17 – So all fragments should hit on a Rockwall in behind of car.

03:22 – That way we will be safe.

03:28 – Everything seems to be ready for the blast.

03:33 – But first, we would like to know what Tuomas think about, which would be better, working Tesla, or 30 kg of dynamite explosion?

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03:43 – Sort of both.. maybe more explosion.

04:14 – Oh, he’s fine!

04:15 – Yes, he is here!

04:17 – Well, Elon called us yesterday and told us that he really want to take a ride with that Tesla.

04:30 – Enjoy your voyage!

04:31 – Yes, see ya!

04:47 – All right! Now we are inside of bunker and ready to push a button! Any thoughts by now?

04:54 – Feels so good right now, can’t wait for the blast.

04:59 – So be good…

05:00 – You have instructions given, right?

05:03 – Yes.

05:05 – So now, countdown all together!

05:11 – Three

05:12 – Two

05:13 – One

05:32 – Now it’s gone!

07:06 – There is nothing left!

07:09 Nothing?

07:09 – Absolutely nothing!

07:12 – Here you see results of working instantly!

07:15 – So have you ever enjoyed this much behind of wheel in Tesla?

07:20 – No, never enjoyed this much with Tesla!

07:24 – And also, maybe I am the first person in the world who has exploded a Tesla!

07:31 – So maybe made some history!

07:35 – this episode is dedicated to Thomas and his friends.

07:51 – Tuomas did not ask for financial help to blow up the car. However, a large number of people wanted to go along to help.

07:55 – Everything seen in the video has been implemented with the assistance of volunteers! Thank you to everyone who participated.

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