Man Accused With Murder in Restaurant Shooting Outside DeKalb

The 25-year-old was apprehended on Thursday.

A guy has been arrested in DeKalb County in connection with a fatal shooting at a pizza shop, according to police.

Police stated Friday that Daniel Mengisteab, 25, had been booked into the DeKalb County Jail on a murder charge.

Investigators say that Mengisteab was taken into custody because of the shooting on August 28 at the Halal Pizza and Café on North Indian Creek Drive.

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Authorities said the victim was picking up food from the restaurant and getting into his car at about 7:30 p.m.

Then three people got out of their cars and fired six rounds at him. The three then fled.

Following the incident, police saw a Mercedes drive away from the restaurant. The suspect car was discovered on Thursday as detectives were scouring the area around Memorial Drive and North Indian Creek Drive.

The officers say they stopped the automobile in a neighbouring BP gas station parking lot and detained Mengisteab.

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Initially, investigators said that they were hunting for three suspects in the crime.

They have not said whether or not anybody else is still at large, but they have stated that they are following up on leads.

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