Luxury Fitness Clubs in Chicago – Monthly Membership Begins at $249

Chicago is home to a wide variety of fitness centers, each with its own vibe, set of amenities, and a class of equipment. Top Chicago health clubs range from luxury fitness clubs with spas and restaurants to 24-hour facilities in residential areas.

Famous Fitness clubs in Chicago

There is a new club in River North, located in the One Chicago building, and monthly memberships begin at $249. Compare favorably to other high-end fitness centers in the area, and you’ll find that this one holds its own.

For instance, Equinox is another national chain that has locations in the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Common, and the Loop. Its monthly memberships cost between $185 and $210, with a $300 initiation fee. Chicago’s East Bank Club charges $220 monthly for a single membership in addition to a $500 initiation fee. The club first opened its doors in 1980. When it comes to gyms, LifeTime is just one of many that have transformed membership into something akin to a spa day. Monthly membership fees are in the hundreds, and people are paying them.

“It’s a high barrier to entry product,” Natalie Bushaw, vice president of communications at LifeTime, said. “If someone is going to spend the money on a Life Time membership, they are spending that money because they want everything that Life Time has to offer. The River North club, located in the One Chicago building, opened earlier this year and offers memberships starting at $249 per month. In comparison to other high-end fitness centers in the area, that’s on par.

Equinox, another national chain with locations in the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Common, and the Loop, is just one example. Monthly dues for a single-location membership are $185 to $210, with a $300 joining fee. After an initial $300 membership fee, a standard individual membership at Chicago’s East Bank Club (which first opened in 1980) will set you back $220 per month.

Gyms that Provide a Resort-like Atmosphere

Fitness Clubs There are numerous weight sets and cutting-edge exercise machines. Indoor courts for basketball, pickleball, racquetball, squash, and tennis can be found all over the complex. Swimming pools, saunas, and steam rooms are all at your disposal. High-end skin care products, hairspray, and climate-controlled towels can all be found in the locker rooms. Indoor golf driving ranges are available at some clubs.

Life Time has opened its Chicago flagship location, Life Time River North at One Chicago, just one mile from East Bank Club, a 350,000-square-foot luxury health club spanning two blocks in the same area of downtown Chicago.

With prices ranging from $30 to $60 per day, depending on location, LifeTime has introduced a new, universal one-day membership. Adults can get a lifetime membership for $249 a month, and there’s no limit on the number of family members or children who can join at the same time. All Life Time locations are included in the base price of a Life Time Work membership of $579.

Most fitness centers provide all the equipment you could need for your routines. The gym has everything you need to reach your fitness goals, from rowing machines and saunas to treadmills and free weights. In addition, there should always be a trainer on staff to show you how to operate the equipment and guide you through your workout. Essential when first starting, and therefore very expensive.

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