Love in the Air Episode 6 Release Date, Time, Inter National Schedule, Preview, Rating and Where to Watch the Drama

As Payu and Rain’s relationship becomes closer than ever, what will happen when Payu decides to enter the high-stakes racing competition in episode 6 of Love in the Air? See a sneak peek of next week’s show down below.

After the success of the 2gether series, KinnPorsche, Bad Buddy, and many more BL dramas in the Thai business, the genre is now widely recognised as one of the most innovative in the world.

Starring soon-to-be household names like Noeul, Boss, Fort, and Peat, Love In The Air is the newest BL drama to claim the top spot.

The show’s undeniable connection between the leads and the attractiveness of the supporting cast has contributed to Love In The Air’s success on YouTube, where the most recent episode was seen over a million times.

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International Airtime of Love in the Air 

Love In The Air episode 6 will air on GMM25 on September 22nd, Thursday at 11 p.m. Thai local time. Watch the programme on IQIYI at 12 a.m.

The programme will eventually be published on MeMindY’s official YouTube channel.

View the Foreign Airtime Schedule below.

Pacific Time: 8 am PT, September 22

Central Time: 12pm CT, September 22

Eastern Time: 1 pm ET, September 22

British Time: 6 pm BST, September 22

European Time: 7 pm CEST, September 22

Indian Time: 10.30 IST, September 22

Philippine Time: 1 am PHT in the Philippines, September 23

Japan Time: 2am JST, September 23

Australian Time: 2.30 am ACST, September 23

Singapore Time: 1 am, September 23

Episode 6 Preview

After being challenged in Love In The Air ep 6 preview, Payu enters a dangerous racing race.

Rain makes the elder swear to return in one piece and without serious harm since this will be the first time he sees Payu race.

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The trailer also features a handsome Payu dressed in white and blue racing attire, and fans can’t wait to see the adrenaline-pumping racing scenario in a few hours. Check out the preview below before the show airs.

Love in the Air Receives Impressive Ratings

Along with its 1 million+ views every episode, Thai BL drama Love In The Air has gotten high reviews from fans, with IMDb giving the show a whopping 9.3 rating.

Love In The Air has received 8.3 ratings from 2813 people on MyDramaList.

Where to Watch Love in the Air

It was announced that GMM25 would be showing Love In The Air. At midnight, IQIYI will air the full, unedited broadcast. The shows will also be uploaded on the MeMindY Official YouTube channel later.

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