Los Angeles: Politicians Will Be Removed From Committees Due To A Race Scandal

(LOS ANGELES) — The mayor of Los Angeles stripped two council members of their power. On Monday to pressure them to resign from attending. During a private meeting, they did not raise an issue about a coworker’s crude and offensive comments. They occasionally joined in.

Acting Council President Mitch O’Farrell demote from committee chairmanships. His assignments Gil Cedillo and Kevin de Leon, naming them to a board. That rarely meets to put the veteran Democratic politicians on the defensive.

“These members have lost all credibility and standing,” O’Farrell said at a press conference at City Hall.

Despite widespread condemnation, which prompted former council President Nury Martinez to resign last week, the two men have refused to surrender.

The leaked recording of three powerful politicians discussing with a labour leader stirred. How to keep power and increased Latino influence in the city threw the city council into disarray, with angry protesters shutting down meetings last week.
Their ambitions also derailed as a result of the recording.

Their influence in City Hall has dwindled due to losing committee assignments. They have become token figures, unable to participate in the council’s day-to-day operations and unwelcome in council chambers where their presence is likely to cause a commotion.
Cedillo and de Leon convicted by the council. But lack the authority to remove fellow elected officials unless they are charged with a crime.

According to O’Farrell, the only way forward is for them to resign or, in the case of de Leon, to face a recall election. Cedillo is defeated in the primary election and will be replaced in December.

Both served on prominent Cedillo chairs the Housing Committee, while De Leon chairs the Homelessness and Poverty Committee.

Each council member is required by city rules to serve on the Board of Refer Powers. A rarely used body replaces other boards when they have a conflict of interest. It will now have one committee with each man serving on it.

O’Farrell states that the two men should not attend the meeting on Tuesday. Which will be held virtually. Because two outbreak members tested positive for COVID-19 on October 11.
After being console in the crowded chambers. Council member Mike Bonin, the target of Martinez’s most offensive remarks. He tested positive for the virus and appears virtually at the following day’s meeting.

According to his spokesperson, Councilmember Paul Krekorian tested positive on Monday and was suffering from mild symptoms.

The meeting will avoid a depiction of last week when enraged protesters drowned out O’Farrell as he attempted to call the meeting to order on Wednesday. He called off the council meeting on Friday, stating that the council could not conduct business until both men resigned.

The explosive recording made during a private meeting of several items on Tuesday’s agenda concern everyone. The contentious issue of redrawing council districts can give some lawmakers significant power while diluting the influence of others — thus disenfranchising the ethnic or racial groups they represent.

Martinez dominated the discussion, yelling profanities and racist slurs to air personal grievances. Bonin, who is white and gay, is refer to as a “little bitch” by her. She compared his young Black son to a little monkey using a Spanish term.

De Leon and Cedillo spoke up, laughing at some of the gossips.

At the meeting, the President of the Labor Federation of Los Angeles County, Ron Herrera. Before resigning in protest of the recording. He referred to the group as they discussed how to undo maps created by a commission to benefit themselves.

To maintain power, calling “a little Latino caucus of our own.” they referred to themselves as “a little Latino caucus of our own.” referred to themselves as “a little Latino caucus of our own.”

Some discussion centres on the power of Black councilmembers and their allies, with de Leon mocking Bonin, a white man appoint as the “fourth Black” on the council who refused to stand with Latinos.

Despite making up roughly half of the population. Latinos are underrepresented on the council, holding only four of the fifteen seats available at the time. On the other hand, Black people make up about 9% of the population and have three seats in the legislature.

In addition to electing a new president to replace Martinez on Tuesday. The council will meet to discuss a charter reform proposal. Increase representation and decentralize power by adding more seats to the City Council. It will also consider the formation of an independent redistricting commission. The council currently appoints the members and has the authority to approve the maps.

De Leon and Cedillo called to resign by Bonin. Other council members, and prominent Democrats such as President Joe Biden.

De Leon has apologized for making or appearing to make “insensitive comments.” Cedillo has stated that he should have objected to the language but did not do so.
Both men attended the October 11 meeting but left after raucous protesters demanded they leave.

O’Farrell spoke with Cedillo and states that he is “reconciling his feelings about this transgression and comprehending the gravity of the situation.” He has been unable to contact de Leon.

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