Los Angeles: Getting Ready For The Great Shakeout Earthquake Drill

The Great ShakeOut earthquake drill has been rescheduled for Thursday.

At 10:20 a.m., Employees and students will be required to drop, cover, and hold on for some time and a one-minute drill.

Ellina Abovian of KTLA braved an earthquake simulator earlier Thursday with ShakeOut spokesman Lance Webster to practice her technique.

“We have people practice drop, cover, and hold on. Because I think most people — even those who know drop, cover and hold- stand there wondering. ‘Is this the big one?'” According to Webster.

According to Webster, the problem is that if you don’t get down right away, you will be thrown down if it turns out to be “the big one.” Then you might get hurt and be unable to help your family.

“Get down as soon as you feel a tremor. “If it’s the big one, you’ll be much safer,” Webster explained.

Residents were advised to seek shelter under something to avoid being struck by falling objects. If you can’t get under anything, position yourself against an inside wall, away from windows.

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