Los Angeles Armoured Truck Robbery Suspects Ambushed by Armed Guard Detained

Authorities in California caught two men who were wanted for a string of armed robberies in and around Los Angeles. They were caught a few days after a guard was shot several times.

On Monday, two guys in connection with the heist have been charged with robbery and using a handgun during a violent felony. They were Gregory James, 47, of San Pedro, and Lamond Akins, 30, of Compton.

Several Bullets to the Leg

The Justice Department says that the two people attacked a Loomis security guard as he was leaving a Bank of America branch in the Harbor City neighbourhood of Los Angeles to get his paycheck.

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The guard took several bullets to the leg. Using surveillance footage from the crime site and the area around James’s house, detectives were able to positively connect him to the heist.

Authorities stated he was at the site of the heist based on cell phone data. Atkins also has access to a Chevrolet Malibu that is very similar to the getaway car.

Two Burglars with $14,000 in Cash and the Guard’s Weapon

Federal investigators in the area were made aware earlier this month. It was based on court records, that the two probably stole three more armoured vehicles between August 4 and October 17.

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The court records said the bandits arrived on the spot. They promptly ambushed armoured car staff and shooting. They also wounded them before snatching money and, frequently, the employee’s pistol.

The maximum sentence for each of them is 30 years in jail.

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