Longtime Denver Sports Talk Host Sandy Clough Is Leaving The Fan

Sandy Clough, is a knowledgeable, provocative, and sometimes critical watchdog of Colorado sports. He is retiring after more than 40 years on the air.

Bonneville Denver announced Friday that Clough would leave his full-time hosting duties at 104.3 The Fan (KKFN) after 25 years. Clough, who worked in various capacities at The Fan. He has spent the last year collaborating with Sean Drotar on The Fans’ late-night show.

“We’ve been doing very well with one of the city’s highest-rated talk shows,” Clough said. “However, the business is changing. I recently turned 65 and thought for a while that I might be better off looking for opportunities outside of sports.”

Drotar described Clough as “an encyclopedia of Colorado sports knowledge.”

“I got into sports radio after hearing Sandy Clough,” Drotar explained. “I realized it was something I was interested in doing.” It was incredible to become his broadcast partner eventually. Every day I had to be at my best because I knew Sandy was always ready. So I enjoyed my time with Sandy, but most importantly, I consider him a good friend.”

Clough’s Career

Clough arrived in Denver in 1979 as a host on KOA-Broncos AM’s Radio Network and quickly established himself as the host of “Bronco Talk” following Broncos games. Clough earned a reputation for being tough on players, coaches, management, and owners, and he was never an apologist or cheerleader for any team.

“I grew up in New York, where sports radio had to be confrontational,” Clough explained. “On the surface, I thought my job was to explain to listeners why a team won and lost.

“There were a lot of ways I could go from there.” That meant being critical while remaining fair. That’s what I tried to do. I always tried to be well-prepared so that if something unexpected happened, whether it was breaking news or not, I could react quickly.”
Clough worked as a radio host for KYBG-AM from 1990 to 1996 before joining The Fan in 1997.

“I’ve had a fantastic experience sharing my opinions and interacting with our wonderful listeners at The Fan over the past 25 years,” Clough said. “I’m very grateful and appreciative for all of the amazing colleagues I’ve had the opportunity to call teammates. Most importantly, I’m extremely grateful to The Fan audience who took the time to listen in and interact during our shows.”

Clough’s “Broncos Talk” Show

Sandy Clough on 104.3 The Fan Changes, Retirement | Westword

Clough was a KOA newcomer when he took over the postgame “Broncos Talk” show.
“They gave it to the kid because no one else wanted it, the kid,” Cough laughed. “Before I came along, they had a lot of former players doing the show, and some of them got upset with me because they didn’t like me criticizing the team or their former teammates.” The Broncos were not always pleased with me, but I never held back.”

Clough admitted that he irritated many Denver sports figures, including former Nuggets coach Doug Moe, former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan, and former Broncos quarterback John Elway, but he didn’t make many enemies.

“Everyone got mad at me, including Doug, a close friend,” he explained. “However, I still have good relationships with most people.” “I had ups and downs with almost all of them, but they weren’t disrespectful relationships.” And if I said something critical, I made it a point to show up the next day if someone wanted to confront me.”

The Fan’s program director, Raj Sharan, praised Clough’s years of sports broadcasting.
“I spent hours glued to The Fan, like so many other Denver sports fans, listening to Sandy Clough entertain and educate,” Sharan said. “Being allowed to produce Sandy because there has never been a more prepared host.” Sandy’s passion shone through the speakers. Sandy ingrained his legacy in The Fan for generations to come.”

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