Long Island County Issues Alert Due to Increase in Cough Cases

As Long Island schools prepare to reopen, a troubling alert about whooping cough has emerged, raising concerns among parents and health authorities alike.

Rising Cases Among School Communities

Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is on the rise in Suffolk County.

The county’s health department reports 108 new cases, the majority of which involve school-aged children and their parents from various school districts.

New York-Suffolk County officials issue health alert for whooping cough:

Mild Cases Despite Vaccination

Most of the people affected were vaccinated, and their symptoms are mild. Fortunately, none of the cases detected by health officials required hospitalization.

Importance of Quick Action

Dr. Gregson Pigott, the Health Commissioner for Suffolk County, stressed the importance of quick action. He mentioned,

“With several respiratory illnesses spreading, it’s crucial for parents to know that early diagnosis of whooping cough allows for effective treatment with antibiotics.”

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Understanding Whooping Cough

Whooping cough is contagious and causes severe coughing, congestion, and sometimes fever.

Although it can be serious for people of all ages, it’s especially risky for infants, with almost half of babies under one year needing hospital care if they catch it.

Seeking Medical Help

If anyone suspects they might have whooping cough, it’s crucial to contact their doctor promptly for assessment and proper treatment.

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