Life-Like Androids That Seems Like Actual Humans Have Arrived

For decades, robots have been evolving. Technology was only a pipe dream and the star of fictional movies in the past. In comparison to what we know now, artificial intelligence started very quickly.

Sophia, the first humanoid robot, surprised everyone with her appearance, but she still pales compared to those who came after her.

Engineered Arts debuted a video of its recent creation last week. The new Mesmer robot’s head is strikingly similar to a human face.

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The robot can imitate various facial expressions because it is designed and built using 3D scans of real people.

It is a movement trial for a Mesmer robot head. Again, this isn’t CGI. There are 22 custom servo actuators in this head and neck, with only 5 around the mouth. It is insufficient for good lip sync, which is why it does not speak in this ‘clip.’ “Engineers, please explain.

Elon Musk expressed his delight on Twitter. When the video was posted on social media, Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk responded with a tweet that said, “The real androids are coming.”

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