Letter sent to Trump | Pascale Ferrier faces 16 charges

(Montreal) A Quebecer who was accused of sending a poisoned letter to US President Donald Trump now faces 16 additional charges.

U.S. federal prosecutors in Brownsville, Texas say Pascale Ferrier now faces eight counts of violating U.S. bans on biological weapons and eight counts of threats through interstate commerce.

In a statement, they allege that Mr.me Ferrier, a resident of the Saint-Hubert borough in Longueuil, sent envelopes containing a poison, ricin, to several police departments and correctional facilities in South Texas in September.

The 50-year-old Quebecer was arrested by American authorities at the Canada-United States border on September 20.

She is currently being held in a Washington-area jail on a single charge of threatening the president.

Mme Ferrier was also arrested in Texas in the spring of 2019 and spent more than two months in jail before the charges she faced were dropped.

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