Letitia James Re-elected as New York Attorney General

Letitia James, the current Attorney General of New York, will have four more years to go up against Trump’s previous administration.

James was able to keep his position as attorney general after running against and beating Republican Michael Henry.

Lawsuit Against Trump 

After James was elected in 2018, she immediately took on high-profile lawsuits like those against Google, Facebook, and the NRA, as well as a financial fraud action against Trump and his children.

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Trump and his firm overstated his net worth by billions of dollars to gain preferential interest rates from financial institutions.

When announcing the lawsuit, James stated the suspected criminal offences included forgery of company documents, issuance of fraudulent financial statements, insurance fraud, conspiracy, and bank fraud.

Against James on Truth Social

Trump launched the lawsuit against James on Truth Social, his social media site, about a week before the election. He claimed that she had neglected her duties to fight crime in New York in favour of “recklessly” pursuing the Trump Organization and the commercial interests of Trump family members.

James has gone after a number of high-profile figures, not only Trump. Once she began looking into the sexual harassment claims made against then-governor Andrew Cuomo, he resigned.

First Black Female Attorney General

James made history when she was chosen as New York City’s first black female public advocate in 2013. James challenged the firearms business and the gender pay discrepancy in her position.

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James declared his candidacy for governor in October, but he eventually pulled out approximately six weeks later.

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