Leslie Jordan’s death -Flock of Mourning Fans at Car Crash Site Urges the Authorities to Find Out the Cause of the Accident

Authorities are attempting to identify the cause of death of famous comedian Leslie Jordan, who was killed in a vehicle accident in Hollywood on Monday. Tuesday, the Los Angeles County coroner will conduct an autopsy on Jordan, 67, who was pronounced dead at the scene after his BMW collided with a building near the intersection of Cahuenga Boulevard and Romaine Street.

The state of the vehicle showed he may have lost control of the vehicle, according to a law enforcement source. It was not immediately apparent if Jordan was killed in the collision or experienced a medical issue before. The source told The Times on Tuesday that people on the scene believe Jordan had a cardiac event before the collision.

Black skid lines extended from Cahuenga Boulevard over the curb and onto the walkway, where Jordan’s BMW impacted and damaged the building’s metal face at around 9:30 a.m. Jordan received an Emmy in 2006 for his portrayal as the sarcastic Beverley Leslie on the successful television series “Will & Grace” and became an online phenomenon during the epidemic.

Jordan, 4 feet 11 inches tall and gay, was recognized as an LGBTQ icon who widened the possibilities of queer identity off-screen. According to Wiser, Jordan’s social media shenanigans “brought many of us together at a time when we were uncertain of what was happening.”

An unforgettable comedian who made all laugh

Chlo Phoenix, who went to the location with her mother, Jessie, and sister, Jazmine, pulled out her phone with joy and beamed as she watched one of Jordan’s popular videos, in which he spins with a baton in his hand and exclaimed, “Daddy, watch me twirl!”

The sisters praised Jordan’s representation of the LGBTQ community. Their mother reported that Jasmine shed tears upon learning about his death. After the family placed a prayer candle with flowers, Jessie Phoenix said, “Not many celebrities impact you in that manner.” It was an absolute disaster for us.

Monday, as the word of his death spread, police continued to examine the collision scene as admirers constructed a makeshift shrine at the crossroads. On the way home, Joey Wiser and Felipe Araipa came by. Both grew up following Jordan on “Will & Grace” and were among the millions who appreciated his entertaining viral Instagram posts.

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