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Legislators Want to Bless Americans $200 and $400 Before Holiday

If the Illinois House of Representatives passes this legislation, single taxpayers could receive a $200 check.

Precisely, single filers earning less than $75,000 could be given a $200 payment as Republican lawmakers are pushing it.

Also, couples who earn under $150,000 are qualified for $400.

The proposal is purported to be provided to residents before Christmas through Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

Legislators hope to help residents by offering an extra week of groceries or bills if their proposal is approved.

In the wake of the pandemic, many states including Illinois have put in the effort to help their residents.

California, Florida, Alaska, Washington DC, Colorado, New York City, New Mexico, Maryland, and more have extended relief assistance to their residents since the pandemic has hit.

Where Else are Residents of Other States Receiving Stimulus Payments?

More than 500,000 Maine workers are to receive $285 payments after working through the pandemic.

Arizona offers $2,000 for people returning to work if their income is below $77,000 and they do not receive unemployment benefits. These workers have until Sept. 6 to return to work.

The state of Connecticut will pay residents $1,000 between May 30 and Dec. 31, 2021, when they return to work.

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The Golden State Stimulus II checks that California is sending are in the process of being sent, meanwhile $803,000 was sent to its residents this week.

Their value of the Golden state Stimulus II ranges from $600 to $1100. Residents will receive the last batch by January 11, 2022.

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  1. First of all New York city is in NY so where is our money . In upstate NY, we don’t get shit. Why is it only new York city all the fucking time.

  2. Tennessee and other spithern states have done nothing im a senior on social security raising a grandchild and thete are alot of us struggling and worroed about Christmas for these children just weeks away

  3. We need help I’m living in a motellost my apt. And I can’t even afford Christmas for my kids it’s really sad and hurt me a lot that all the money I get from SSI and ss have to go forward a motel for my kids and I can’t even get them on thing for Christmas and I now it hurt there feeling but I also now that they understand to I love my boy and I would do anything for them so could u please give us more money to help out with Christmas please and forward bills to get us anothee place to live besides this motel

  4. I live in Texas and we need help down here really bad I and a single mother of 2 boys and I just lost my apt.and now we are living in a motel I can’t even afford Christmas for my kids this year cause the motel is what taking all of my money. If ur going to help anyone out help us out to down here in Texas please

  5. They should do something for the seniors and the veterans why does everything have to go to families with children or the aliens why not to take care of the seniors and the veterans toots they haven’t gotten anything since the last check what $1,200 and taxpayers with children and everything has gotten a check since then all y’all thinking about is the ones with children

  6. Texas has too many corrupt politicians who don’t care about their citizens. Remember the freeze earlier this year where some people literally froze to death. I applaud those leaders in those states where they care.


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