Legislator In New York Wants The Jets To Move Back To Queens: That “Would Be Monumental”

After playing their first 24 seasons in New York, the New York Jets moved to East Rutherford, New Jersey, in 1984. A state senator from New York believes it’s time for them to return.

From the time the Jets are found in 1960 until they moved to Shea Stadium in 1963. They competed at the Polo Grounds. After that, Gang Green relocated to New Jersey’s Giants Stadium. Where they coexisted with the team whose name was on the stadium. The two teams subsequently established a 50/50 joint venture to relocate to MetLife Stadium.

However, in 2025, either team may choose to break their lease by giving the state of New Jersey a year’s notice. Before them repeating every five years from that point on. This will be both teams’ first chance to choose to forego them.

A senator from New York hopes the Jets will seize the chance and return to their roots.

Sen. Joe Addabbo told Legal Sports Report, “I wonder if that’s the obstacle. The financial benefits and added jobs that a Jets revival would bring are insurmountable. “The Jets returning to New York would be huge.

“I understand that this is a vast, Herculean long shot. But I’m not too fond of lost chances, continued.

Democrat Addabbo represents the 15th district of New York, including most of central and southeast Queens, including where Shea Stadium once stood and where Citi Field is now.

Despite being aware of how unlikely it is to occur, Addabbo does have some optimism regarding the upcoming Citi Field/Willets Point project. The 2027 completion date project will include a hotel, 2,500 affordable housing units, and a 25,000-seat soccer stadium for NYCFC. However, Mets owner Steve Cohen is also vying for a casino license and intends to build one nearby.

Although there are no known plans to build a football stadium there for the Jets, Addabbo wants to consider the possibility at least.

“We can connect the dots if the opportunity exists with the land and the expiring leases. Why pass up this chance?” the speaker asks. “I know it’s only 25,000 seats. However, if you have that kind of motivation, you should build a stadium. Why miss this opportunity?” added abbo. “They would have their stadium, one that was brand-new, cutting-edge in terms of technology, and had everything.

It simply fails to compare to the New York Jets entering a brand-new stadium and the marketing that goes along with it. And the initial lasting impact of online sports betting, at least to me. Imagine if New Yorkers were permitted to wager on the New York Jets, a real football team based in the city. Having online sports betting would be an even more alluring business.

The Giants and Since that time, the Jets have not played at home in New York since 1975 and 1983. However, both teams continue to use “New York” as their location.

Although the Giants have “NY” on their helmets, I find it offensive to refer to the Jets and Giants as the “New York Jets” and the “New York Giants” when they are playing in Jersey. I’m hurt,” the senator admits.

A stadium on Manhattan’s West Side scheduled to complete in 2008 existed before MetLife Stadium. If New York City had won the bid, the stadium would have been the Jets’ sole residence and the focal point of the 2012 Olympic Games. But the proposal rejects a month before the IOC made its choice. At the time of the mid-2000s stadium negotiations, Addabbo was a member of the City Council. The Hudson Yards development is currently taking place where the potential stadium would have been.

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