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League City Multiple Transportation Projects Set to Make Progress Soon

Several upcoming transportation projects in the Bay Area have their headquarters in League City. Find out more about their completion date, price, and funding source by reading the information below. League City Intersection Project

On September 16, a significant project at I-45 and FM 518 started, and it caused traffic disruptions until the end of the year. The Texas Department of Transportation project will add two lanes to FM 518 east and west of I-45 for left and right turns.

TxDOT will also add six more lanes, including dual left- and right-turn lanes and dedicated U-turn lanes, to the northbound and southbound frontage roads of I-45, according to a League City press release.

According to the news release, FM 518 will have 10 lanes altogether when it is finished, including two designated left turn lanes in each direction and three through lanes in each direction.

The work is part of a $100 million TxDOT project to widen I-45 from NASA Parkway to Highway 96. According to Danny Perez, TxDOT Public Information Officer, “the important aspect of this project – as with many of our other [I-]45 projects from this down to the project before the Galveston Causeway – are designed not only to address traffic flow on the main lanes of 45 but also to eliminate congestion on the intersecting roads.”

As per TxDOT and League City, the work would provide “much-needed congestion relief” at the intersection, however, construction will cause additional congestion. Perez said that more through lanes would give additional capacity to allow more vehicles to pass across the intersection.

Work on the north side of FM 518, between Lafayette Lane and North Wesley Drive, began. According to the news release, the lanes on this part of FM 518 will merge into one lane in each direction, with additional lanes open at the interchange with I-45.

All left turns are restricted in order to maintain traffic flow at the intersection of FM 518, Lafayette Lane, and Hobbs Road. Throughout this construction phase, the intersection’s traffic light will not be operational.

Turner Street will be rebuilt with concrete curbs and gutters for about 1,800 feet between Hobbs and Butler Roads and for about 4,300 feet between Butler and about 400 feet south of Sedona Drive. The project will add 1,800 linear feet of 8-inch waterline along Butler between Tempe Street and Sedona.

To link to FM 517, Hobbs Road will be extended southward. The length of the new road, which will feature four lanes, will be about 1,880 feet. Only two of the four lanes will be constructed by League City; the other two will be added later. The final layout is being developed.

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