Lawsuit Alleges Doctor Died After Eating at a Disney World Restaurant

A man is suing Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant after his wife, a New York-based doctor, died unexpectedly while eating at the establishment.

According to the lawsuit, the wait staff knew that his wife had serious dietary allergies and acted negligently.

The lawsuit claims that in October 2023, Kanokporn Tangsuan, her husband Jeffrey Piccolo, and Piccolo’s mother had dinner at Disney Springs’ Raglan Road Irish Pub, which is a part of the Walt Disney World resort.

According to the lawsuit, they decided to eat at the restaurant because they thought it would have adequate precautions against providing her with Tangsuan dairy and nuts, to which she was allergic.

According to the lawsuit filed in Orange County, Florida, on February 22, the couple confirmed “several more times” that the waiter’s assurance that certain items could be rendered allergen-free.

Lawsuit Alleges Doctor Died After Eating at a Disney World Restaurant. (1)

According to the lawsuit, she placed an order for vegan shepherd’s pie, scallops, onion rings, and vegan patties.

The lawsuit claimed that although the waiter had once again assured that the meal was allergen-free, some of the food that was delivered did not have these flags.

Tangsuan went shopping in the Disney Springs neighborhood after supper, and the lawsuit claims that while at Planet Hollywood, she started “suffering from a severe acute allergic reaction.”

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According to the lawsuit, Tangsuan “began having severe difficulty breathing and collapsed to the floor,” prompting the call to 911.

Tangsuan died from “anaphylaxis due to elevated levels of dairy and nut in her system,” the complaint claimed, attributing the information to a medical examiner’s study, even though she had self-administered an Epi-Pen.

Piccolo’s lawyer, Brian Denney, remarked that his client is “devastated over the premature death of his beloved wife.” Amy had a long life ahead of her, and she intended to have a family with Jeff. Denney stated, “This never should have happened.” “One of the main reasons Jeff is filing this lawsuit is to make sure another family doesn’t experience a similar tragedy.”

According to the lawyer, Tangsuan went by Amy. Her age is 42, according to her internet obituary.

Based in New York, Tangsuan practiced family medicine and was affiliated with several hospitals, including NYU Langone, according to a US News & World Report physician profile.

According to the lawsuit, Raglan Road neglected to provide enough training for its workers, failed to alert Tangsuan to the presence of allergens in her food, and neglected to produce food without allergens despite repeated requests.

Since Disney Parks and Resorts is in charge of the eateries and regulations at Disney Springs, the lawsuit also accuses the company of carelessness.

In accordance with Florida’s Wrongful Death Act, Piccolo is requesting damages over $50,000 in addition to compensation for emotional distress, loss of protection and companionship, lost wages, and burial and medical costs.

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