Las Vegas: Accused Of Choking A 6-Year-Old With A Vacuum Cord, Suspected Child Killer Facing New Allegations

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (KLAS) — A Clark County grand jury added two new child abuse charges on a man accused of killing his girlfriend’s father’s 4-year-old son and freezing his body.

Brandon Toseland, 36, arrested by Las Vegas Metro police in February for the murder of Mason Dominguez. Dominguez’s body discovered in a trash bag in a freezer inside Toseland’s northeast valley garage.

Mason’s mother was able to slip messages into her 7-year-old daughter’s shoe, which led to Toseland’s arrest on Feb. 22. In April, a grand jury indicted Toseland on ten counts, including murder, child abuse, kidnapping, and domestic violence.

The grand jury added two charges, according to court records, child abuse charges involving his girlfriend’s other child on Friday.

According to the court charges, Toseland choked the girl with his arm and, in another alleged incident last year, with a vacuum cord.

According to the documents, the alleged incidents occurred before Mason’s murder and Toseland’s arrest.

Officers noticed a set of handcuffs where Mason’s mother was sitting in the passenger seat. When they arrested Toseland in February after a traffic stop. According to the documents, Toseland also had her phone.

In addition, detectives discovered a large hole in the backyard, which they described as a possible grave.

If Toseland is convicted, prosecutors say they will consider the death penalty. Toseland has entered a not guilty plea.

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