Large-Scale Shooting In Bergen-Lafayette

Following a shooting spree in Bergen-Lafayette, four people were being treated for gunshot wounds today at Jersey City Medical Center.

Around 4 p.m. this afternoon, a shooting is to have occurred near Virginia Avenue and Martin Luther King Drive.

One victim gets transported to the hospital with a graze wound to the head. It is said to be doing well. He arrived in a car with a bullet hole in one of the doors.

A woman was grazed in the thigh and shot in the left foot. Her condition is said to be stable.
One person is stable after receiving a wound to the arm from bullet fragments.

According to reports, a man shot in the chest is currently undergoing scans and is in critical condition.

Two other shooting locations, 117 Oak Street and 77 Crescent Street were the focus of the police’s attention, where a car containing numerous shell casings was discovered. A person in a black coat and hood ran away from the vehicle.
The person fits the description of someone who allegedly stole a handgun earlier in the afternoon.

A white Chevy Cobalt identify as one of the vehicles with shell casings.

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