LAPD Hid a Serial Killer From the Public for Over 20 Years- Are These Missing Women the Victims of Him?

Lonnie Franklin, better known by his alias the Grim Sleeper, was apprehended by California law enforcement in July of 2010. It is believed that Lonnie disappeared several people from the Los Angeles area and was convicted of killing ten victims, including an adolescent girl.

His criminal spree lasted from 1984 to 2007, as reported by People magazine. Because he didn’t wake up between the years of 1988 and 2002, people began to call him Grimm Sleeper. There was a serial killer on the loose, and the LAPD knew about it. African American ladies made up all of the fatalities.

Police couldn’t stop a series of murders

A serial killer had been targeting women in Los Angeles for over 20 years, but the public wasn’t made aware of it until 2007, according to Vanity Fair. “There were some police officers who thought Lonnie did a good job of ‘cleaning up the streets.’ Surviving victim Enietra Washington told Vanity Fair that the idea that a serial killer could be someone who was respected within certain sections of law enforcement was “too incredible.”

The Los Angeles Superior Court handed down Lonnie Franklin’s death sentence in August of 2016. During his arrest, police discovered over a thousand pictures of different women in his garage. The images of 180 women who could not be identified were found in his garage and were released by the authorities.

The following women are still being investigated as possible victims of Lonnie Franklin, even though the majority of them have been positively identified.They are June Khuyen Brisco, Cathern Davis,Rosalind Giles, Lisa Renee Knox, Ayellah Marshall, Rolenia Adele Morris, and Anita Yolanda Parker,

There was no coverage of these missing people in the media, and they were never identified:

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