Lakeport Police Department Meeting Focuses on Military Equipment

The Lakeport Police Department is preparing for a special meeting happening in December. They want to chat about how they use military gear, and it’s all because of this law called Assembly Bill 481 (2021 Chiu).

This meeting is happening on Thursday, December 28th, starting at 1:30 p.m., and they’ve chosen the council chambers at Lakeport City Hall as the place to meet. You know what’s cool? Anybody can show up to this meeting, no special invites needed.

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They’re planning to discuss this report they put together every year about the military equipment they use. It’s not just a talk from them; they want it to be a conversation.

They’re going to have a question-and-answer session where people can ask anything they want about this topic. So, if anyone’s curious or has thoughts about how the police use this kind of equipment, it’s a great chance to share ideas and get answers straight from the source.

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