Lake County NAACP President Resigns: Stepping Back for Health

The Lake County NAACP recently made changes in its leadership because President Albert Jones needed to step down due to health issues.

Who’s in Charge Now?

Pam Morse, the First Vice President, is taking over as the president until new leaders come in by January 2025. Gerard Mirbel moved up to First Vice President, and Chris Lee is now the Second Vice President.

These changes were made according to the organization’s rules and started right away. Albert Jones, known as Deacon Jones for his work at St. John Baptist Church in Painesville, was a respected leader in the community. He appreciated the support he got and believes the board will keep up the good work.

Pam Morse, the new president, felt deeply about Jones leaving and said she’ll miss him personally and for the NAACP because he was always active in the community.

Morse has been involved with the NAACP for a few years, helping with events like the Freedom Fund banquet and celebrations for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Juneteenth.

Lake County NAACP president steps down for health reasons:

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What’s Next for the NAACP?

Morse wants the NAACP to reach out more across the county and provide more scholarships. They’ve also been working with other groups to get more volunteers and help minority businesses.

The organization believes the new leaders will do a great job and continue the NAACP’s mission for civil rights and fairness. The NAACP thanked its members and the larger community for their support.

When’s the Next Election?

The Lake County NAACP has announced that its next election is scheduled to take place in November 2024. This future election is a crucial moment for the organization, marking the opportunity for new leaders to step in and guide the NAACP’s path forward.

Members and the wider community eagerly anticipate this event as it signifies a chance to elect individuals who will continue the organization’s mission to advance civil rights and social justice in the Lake County area.

The upcoming election holds the promise of bringing fresh perspectives and dedicated leadership to further the NAACP’s vital work within the community.

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