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Lake County Fire Rescue Recognized for Exceptional Emergency Response

Lake County Fire Rescue Recognized for Exceptional Emergency Response

Lake County Fire Rescue Recognized for Exceptional Emergency Response

The Lake County Fire Rescue Office has been recognized for its outstanding performance in handling emergency medical calls by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED).

Receiving reaccreditation as an Accredited Center of Excellence (ACE) places them among a select group of 60 globally acknowledged centers for their exceptional emergency dispatch services.

This marks the sixth time that the Lake County Fire Rescue Office has earned this prestigious accreditation, showcasing their consistent excellence.

Lake County Fire Rescue honored for emergency medical dispatch excellence:

IAED Sets Standards for Top Emergency Dispatch Centers

The IAED establishes high quality requirements for emergency dispatch centers.

Their accreditation assesses a variety of factors, including telecommunicators’ performance, adherence to local protocols, quality control, supervisor evaluation of calls, and documentation of certifications.

This reaccreditation certifies the center’s performance for the next three years, confirming that they satisfy or exceed industry requirements.

IAED accreditation encompasses a wide range of emergency professions, including medical, fire, police, and emergency nurse triage.

Deputy Chief Acknowledges Dispatchers’ Vital Role

Kimberly Stephens, the Deputy Chief of Fire Rescue Communications, expressed gratitude for this recognition, emphasizing the crucial role that communication plays in emergency outcomes.

Stephens credited the dedication and diligence of the dispatchers for their commitment to every call, highlighting their role in upholding high service standards for the community.

Here’s some news that’ll grab your attention for sure:

Accredited Since 2009: Lake County Fire Rescue’s Commitment

Lake County and the Office of Fire Rescue have been in compliance since their initial accreditation in 2009.

The Fire Rescue Office is the primarily dispatch center for Lake County Fire Rescue as well as all local fire departments in the region.

The Lake County Fire Rescue Office received praise by Kim Rigden, the IAED’s Associate Director of Accreditation, for their great service and commitment to the community and emergency responders.

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