Lady Gaga’s Death- A Humorous Hoaxes from TikTok

Lady Gaga is obviously alive and well. This TikTok prank has gained popularity due to the hilarious emotions it elicits from individuals when they learn that a renowned star has died. However, this is all a joke; every celebrity whose name appears in this trend is still alive, including Lady Gaga.

Let us not compare these pranks to famous death hoaxes that engender hatred due to the false information they distribute.

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Many people have turned to Google to determine whether Lady Gaga has died, maybe after seeing a TikTok post claiming the singer had gone away. In the video, the TikTok user asks an older woman whether she has heard the news before claiming Lady Gaga died at age 36 in a vehicle accident.

The lady reacts with astonishment, completely stunned by the news. She leans back in her chair, shuts her eyes, and then glances up, obviously distressed by what she has heard. However, the TikTok user admits almost instantly that it was a joke before exploding into laughter. Moreover, according to the caption, the lady “adores” the singer.

This concept has gained popularity on the site as a “dead celebrity prank.” As the name of the challenge implies, participants pretend a particular celebrity has passed away, filming the other person’s response before revealing the hoax.

Most teenage TikTok users are pranking their parents and relatives, who are often less aware of the antics of Internet users.

Like Lady Gaga, several celebrities, including Bruce Springsteen, Donald Trump, and Celine Dion, have been named in the viral trend. As there are no limitations for the hoax, you may use any celebrity’s name so long as you seem believable, even for a short second.

This trend poses no threat to any named celebs; it is just a joke!
The responses are amusing. The purpose of the trend is to elicit the most extraordinary, unexpected emotions from those on the receiving end, as opposed to actually committing the prank.

Some hilarious responses to these fabricated celebrity deaths have had TikTok followers in stitches. Some parents can be seen leaping from their chairs in shock at hearing the bogus death of one of their favorite celebrities, while others, in disbelief, seek out their phones to check the story.

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