LA Voters are Not Bribed: LA’s First Black Woman Mayor is Karen Bass

Los Angeles Mayor-elect Rep. Karen Bass promised Nov. 16 to “strike the ground running on Day One.” It is after the AP pronounced her the predicted victor in a close battle for California’s biggest city.

First Woman Mayor

Bass will be the first woman mayor to govern Los Angeles when she’s sworn in on December 12, 2022. She’ll be the second black Angelino to occupy the job in a city with an 8.8% black population.

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Before being elected to Congress in 2010, Bass represented California’s 47th Assembly District from 2004 until 2010.

From 2008 to 2010, he was the first black Assembly speaker. From 2019 through 2021, Bass chaired the Congressional Black Caucus.

Won the Election

Rick Caruso, a former Republican turned Democrat, admitted Bass won the election Wednesday evening, a little over a week after the votes closed in the tied contest.

Caruso wrote to supporters, “This campaign has been one of the most satisfying of my life.” My campaign is awesome. We upheld our family’s principles of integrity, honesty, and respect.

Caruso owns The Grove at Farmers Market, Americana at The Brand, and The Commons at Calabasas, which are residential and shopping centres in southern California.

Each update to the tally increased Bass’s advantage. She has an unassailable lead, according to the AP.

Ballots Counts Seven Days After the Election

75% of LA County residents voted by mail, delaying the announcement of a winner. Before a vote by mail can be counted, the voter’s signature must be checked.

Ballots can be counted for seven days after the election if they were mailed by election day.

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Caruso’s campaign substantially outspent Bass’s. Caruso spent $104,848,887.43.
Caruso spent $98 million on advertising for his own campaign.

Congresswoman Karen Bass demonstrated LA voters can’t be bought despite being outspent 12 to 1, said Bass for Mayor finance committee chair Kerman Maddox. Bass won the June 7 primary despite being outspent.

Bass received support from Obama, Biden, Harris, Padilla, and the Los Angeles Democratic Party. Gov. Gavin Newsom resisted.

Kellie Todd Griffin, who helped start the California Black Women’s Collective, said that Bass’ voice for the African American community in Los Angeles was strong and respected.

Griffin: “This is a win we all share because it shows the power of community organisation and teamwork.” “Mayor-Elect Bass is the change we need to guarantee today’s most critical concerns won’t leave us behind.”

This is a triumph for black women and our community.

Bass is recognised in Los Angeles for forging interracial, cross-cultural alliances. During the 1980s crack epidemic, she was a physician’s assistant and clinical teacher at the Keck School of Medicine at USC Physician Assistant Program.

Bass vowed to be inclusive and “bring everyone to the table.” “All of us must help solve our problems,” she added in a statement.

Los Angeles is the world’s greatest city. We can build better communities now and a brighter future for our children if we work together, hold each other responsible, and concentrate on our finest qualities.

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