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Keep an Eye on Your Bank Account. $1,100 in Stimulus Cheques Could Be Deposited This Week.

Are you one of the millions of Americans who will receive stimulus checks worth up to $1,100 as soon as this week? If so, are you one of those people?

In California, these funds are part of the Golden State Stimulus II program, and the second wave of payments is expected to arrive in bank accounts this week.

The majority of the cheques are worth $600, with an additional $500 for individuals who have dependents.

The first batch of 750,000 will be sent out on Monday, and it could take three weeks for them to arrive.

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So far, 4.5 million checks have been issued for the Golden State Stimulus Plan, which benefits residents of California.

A total of $857 million has been distributed and will be put directly into bank accounts or issued through paper checks. The method by which you receive them is determined by how you filed your taxes.

Direct deposits began to be issued on October 29, and checks will begin to be distributed on November 1.

If you meet the requirements, you must have filed your taxes by Oct. 15, 2021, have an adjusted gross income (AGI) in California of less than $75,000 for the year 2020, have been a resident of California for more than half of the tax year 2020, and still be a resident of California on the date of payment.

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