Kate Middleton Allegedly Flaunts ‘baby bump’ In Boston Amid Pregnancy Claims

There have been numerous rumours circulating that Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their fourth child. When it was said that she showed off her baby bump during their vacation to Boston last week, keen royal observers stoked the rumours.

Netizens took to social media to share their observations when they saw photos of the Princess of Wales at the Earthshot Prize awards on Dec. 2. Behind-the-scenes images from the awards night were posted on the couple’s official Twitter page and the mum-of-three’s appearance especially caught netizens’ attention because she showed what they believe to be a growing baby belly.
not the only time she showed her baby bump. She was photographed cradling her belly while out on a visit to Wales in November.

The reported bump surfaced under a black top which she teamed with a crimson coat.

A source said of the photo, “Kate appears to be showing a little bump, and she’s smiling a lot and touching her tummy.”
The Prince and Princess of Wales have allegedly briefed immediate family members about their baby number four. King Charles III is one of them, and he is reportedly thrilled for the couple and delighted to have another grandchild. Queen Elizabeth II reportedly also learned about the pregnancy before she died on Sept. 8.
It is no secret that the mum-of-three gets broody when she is around under-one-year-olds. It makes her want to have another baby with Prince William.

However, it has not been confirmed that she is already expecting a child.

Other Twitter users disputed claims that she was sporting a baby bump at the Earthshot Prize ceremony. One wrote that she appears “too skinny” while another said that she has “always been very slim.” Meanwhile, one sarcastically commented that she cannot be pregnant because she looks just like any normal person who “has internal organs and doesn’t use photoshop to reshape their abdomen to make it look concave.”

The Prince and Princess of Wales have reportedly told immediate family members about their baby number four. These include King Charles III who is said to be thrilled for the couple and excited himself to have another grandchild. Queen Elizabeth II reportedly also learned about the pregnancy before she died on Sept. 8.

source : ibtimes

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