Joshua Padilla Will Bring A Michael Myers Attitude To Ohio State’s Offensive Line

His offensive line coach, Cole Newsome, feels that one play sums up Joshua Padilla.

The assistant coach at Wayne High School saw the offensive lineman line up on the 30-yard line in the home opener versus Miamisburg.

According to Newsome, “He dragged this kid over to the bench and left him there, burying him there.” This man is not like the rest of us after that play.

“That’s what every coach I asked said. Something like, “Once we saw it, it was settled.”

Padilla was instructed to play by taking the lead until the final whistle. Both of Padilla’s parents were offensive linemen for Wayne High School, and Padilla himself started for four years.

Padilla plans to rely on this mindset as he transitions to play football for Ohio State as an early enrollee in January.

Padilla remarked, “I love being able to dominate someone like one-on-one.” You are entirely alone. Realizing that you were the one who put them down. Simply put, “acting dirty,” “being a bully,” and “dominating.”

The phrase “He’s your ace in the hole” comes from poker.

Mike Padilla thought his son, Joshua, would follow in his footsteps and become an offensive lineman like himself and his other son, Jacob, even though Joshua had started as a defensive end and running back in juvenile football teams.

Mike Padilla, too, was able to predict where Joshua would end up according to his knowledge of how he would move when wrestling.

Mike made the analogy that wrestling was like football in the offseason. Technically, you’re dragging around a person who’s as big as you are or more significant. For better technique, you need to stoop down. Linemen can maintain a lower body position, a better bend, and a heavier grip.

Joshua Padilla shone on the mat, compiling an 89-16 record over three years, twice qualifying for the state tournament, and ultimately finishing as the 2022 state runner-up at heavyweight.

Padilla compares each wrestling match to a snap he takes as an offensive lineman. He had spent a lot of time on the mat, which showed his ability to counter each defensive lineman with the finest possible hand placement, balance, and positioning.
Upon his return to Ohio State, Bryson Rodgers:
Bryson Rodgers has returned to Ohio to continue the Buckeyes’ comprehensive receiver pipeline.

He said, “That’s pretty much every match.” You’re all alone with that other person.
Padilla went from being a 240-pound freshman to a 6-foot-4, 280-pound force, earning the nickname “ace in the hole” from Warriors coach Randy Newsome. Padilla is a standout wrestler as well. He was teammates with three-star guard, Cincinnati recruits Evan Tengesdahl, four-star tackle, and current Notre Dame freshman Aamil Wagner.

Newsome remarked that we would lose the ball game behind them on third and three.

The ‘perfectionist’ in Joshua Padilla thanks Justin Frye’s guidance.

Ohio State noticed Padilla before Justin Frye joined the coaching staff.

The offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson recalled the call from the previous offensive line coach Greg Studrawa, who extended an offer to the four-star linemen and No. 4 overall 2023 prospect in the state of Ohio, as ranked by 247Sports.

Padilla has never met with the Ohio State coaching staff before.

Padilla’s relationship with the Buckeyes suffered until Frye joined the staff, and then it flourished. Frye kept tabs on the Wayne offensive lineman, who had sent the film to the new position coach to gain feedback.

Padilla remarked, “That’s what I adore about him.” He’s pretty youthful for an offensive line coach, which is beneficial because he can serve as an example and offer advice. The offensive line benefits from his extensive knowledge and experience as a former offensive coordinator.

Padilla played tackle for Wayne, but Frye is more likely to move him inside, specifically to center.
Padilla has stated that he intends to observe OSU third-year center Luke Wypler as much as possible to improve his snapping and footwork.

Padilla expressed the desire to one day achieve the same level of success as Luke Wyler.

Joshua Padilla is eager to take on complex tasks. The benefits Ohio State

Miles Walker, Luke Montgomery, Austin Siereveld, and Daniel Padilla, the four offensive line recruits for Ohio State, will all start classes in the winter.
When Padilla committed to the Ohio State Buckeyes on November 4th, 2021, he became the first class member of 2023.

Padilla remarked that “this ambiance is basically like one of a kind.” Unlike any other university I’ve seen, the brotherhood at Ohio State is truly unique.

Newsome sees Padilla as the perfect fit for the group, praising him as one of the finest “wholesome kids” he’s taught and “the definition of a giant teddy bear.”
Oregon State University welcomes Garrett Stover to the Class of 2024.
The deciding factor in Garrett Stover’s commitment to Ohio State is “All my life, I’ve dreamed of becoming a Buckeye.”

When the whistle blows, and it’s time to conquer someone one-on-one, though, Padilla becomes someone else entirely.

During a game, Padilla is “like Michael Myers,” Newsome added, referencing the frenzied murderer from the “Halloween” films. If he crosses that line, “he’s going to come to get you, and “He’s going to go all Michael Myers on you.”

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