Jewelry Worth Thousands of Dollars Stolen in San Francisco

Thousands of dollars worth of jewels were stolen from yet another store in San Francisco, this time at one in the Presidio Heights region of the city. Surveillance cameras caught the incident. The stolen items, a bracelet and a gold necklace were worth $6,000.

The shop’s proprietor claimed that robbers had previously targeted her jewelry store. Mabel Chong, the proprietor of Mabel Chong Jewelry, chased a man who escaped with her goods.

He was with his ‘wife’ and they looked at stuff,” Chong said. “So when he comes back we were less alert.” She then pulls out jewelry from the case. He’s like ‘OK I want gold jewelry, just heavy gold. do you have anything like that?’ So I took out from the case a big gold chain and a gold bracelet and then he starts asking ‘is this gold? how many grams is this?’”

Then the robbery took place and the man took off in a getaway car. Chong has been running her Presidio Height Jewelry Store for 15 years. She claimed that just this year, thieves had broken into her store three times. Chong declared, “This has never happened before.” That door is always open, and this year it’s gotten to the point where it feels different.

On Friday, a regular client inquired about Chong, who is still in shock after losing goods worth thousands of dollars. I ought to be managing my business, Chong declared. “Not having to stress about anything like that. Because of theft, “many are compelled to close their shop or small business, and it’s quite stressful for us,” said Chong.

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