Jeff Bezos Sells $2.4 Billion Worth of Amazon Shares in Recent Flurry

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and executive chairman, sold almost 14 million shares for $2.4 billion, increasing the total number sold since the beginning of the month to 50 million.

As per a securities filing, the sales started on Tuesday and went on until late last week. According to the filing, Bezos sold 14,006,906 shares of the company for a total of roughly $2.37 billion.

Prearranged Trading Plan

Bezos’ sales were carried out in accordance with a pre-arranged trading plan established in November and reported earlier this month.

Jeff Bezos Sells $2.4 Billion Worth of Amazon Shares in Recent Flurry (1)

This plan allows him to sell up to 50 million Amazon shares by January 31, 2025.

The current surge in sales began late last week and continued through Tuesday, according to a regulatory filing.

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Accelerated Sales During Personal Changes

Bezos’ decision to sell his Amazon shares coincides with personal changes, notably his announcement in November to leave Seattle and go to Miami.

This move is intended to bring him closer to his fiancée, Lauren Sanchez, his parents, and Blue Origin operations.

You can check the tweet that we have included below for more details:

Bezos’ stock sales have skyrocketed after this revelation, indicating a dramatic shift in his investment approach.

With these recent developments, investors and industry observers are keenly monitoring Bezos’s actions and the potential consequences for Amazon’s future trajectory, as well as Bezos’s efforts outside of the firm he created.

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