Jason Chaffetz: Concerns Regarding Biden’s Mental And Physical Health Persist

In “Hannity,” Jason Chaffetz talks about how many Americans are having a difficult time getting by during the holidays as a result of President Biden‘s administration.

Jonathan Chafetz Thanksgiving has passed, and the Christmas season is now fully underway. Unfortunately, millions of Americans are having financial difficulties this holiday season due to excruciating inflation and high gas prices. Our president, Joe Biden, is currently just barely making ends meet.

Biden is currently 80 years old. Serious concerns about his physical and mental well-being remain. But don’t count on the White House to be very open.

According to reports, Biden is currently debating whether or not to seek reelection. But many are speculating as to whether Biden will even be able to complete this term. Some Democrats are now prepared to move on due to his poor polling results, the nation’s economic difficulties, and the comparisons to Jimmy Carter.

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