Jan. 6 Defendant Who Said She’s ‘Definitely Not Going To Jail’ Sentenced To Prison

Jenna Ryan, a Donald Trump fan who tweeted that she’s “surely not going to prison” after dropping the Capitol on Jan. 6, was condemned to 60 days in jail on Thursday.

U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper stated Ryan ― a Texas real property attorney who traveled to D.C. on a special plane and expanded her profession as she live-streamed in the Capitol ― represented a “lesser position in the wrongful behavior that got a place” than several others did.

“But that does not imply that you don’t have any fault in what occurred that day,” Cooper stated.

Cooper stated she wanted to leave her hotel apartment; she understood that she was moving to something that wasn’t a peaceful rally. “I don’t believe you could have avoided the point that this was no calm protest,” Cooper stated. “You were a cheerleader; you encouraged it on.”

Ryan, who suffered four charges, was declared liable to one crime count, indicating she “displayed, described, or imprisoned” inside the Capitol when she understood that she didn’t have the authority to be there.

“You’re not being singled out for your partisan beliefs or anything like that,” Cooper stated. “It’s how and where you chose to show them.”

In a message to Judge Cooper, Ryan tried to downplay her things that day. “Some things I felt that day were great,” she composed. “I got to D.C. to complain about the poll outcomes. I needed my opinion to be listened to. My single weapon was my opinion and my cell phone.”

Ryan rejected in her note that a tweet where she composed that she had “blonde hair white skin a fabulous job a glorious future and I’m not going to prison” didn’t mean that she was above the authority.

“I wasn’t speaking and was above the jail; I simply thought that it would be questionable as I was asking to join the Capitol for 2 minutes and 8 seconds.

Now I understand that was a mistaken idea, but having a wrong idea does not automatically imply I deserve imprisonment,” she composed. “A tweet of me getting up for myself upon a bully who is attacking me does not intimate that I think above-the-law.”

When Cooper took up Ryan’s Twitter remarks, Ryan told the authority that she “really shouldn’t tweet.”

After the interview, Judge Cooper further recommended Ryan consider what references she relied upon for her message in the prospect.

The FBI has performed more than 650 arrests related to the Capitol attack, approximately one-fourth of the whole number of possible parties who committed responsible manner that day.

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