Ivana Trump’s Gold-Covered NYC Townhouse Put On Sale For $26.5M

Just four months after she was found dead at the bottom of the lavish home’s great staircase, Ivana Trump’s New York City townhouse is up for sale for $26.5 million. The 73-year-old woman was discovered in July 2022 with severe impact injuries to her torso at the bottom of her home’s stairs. Her death was classified as an accident.

Ivana purchased the Upper East Side residence for $2.5 million in 1992, the same year she and former President Donald Trump divorced formally. Ivana Trump’s three children, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump, will each receive a portion of the revenues from the sale of the 8,725-square-foot residence at 10 East 64th Street in Manhattan.

“My mother truly liked that house,” Eric Trump told The Wall Street Journal, saying that it mirrored her “style and elegance,” adding that the grandeur “embodied Ivana Trump.” Despite being late, Eric asserted that.

Ivana Trump owned homes in France and Florida, but she placed a special emphasis on her New York residence. He added, “She felt so at ease there. The very last item she would ever have given away was this one.

Blood-red carpets, crimson and gold upholstered fabric walls, plenty of pink marble, a crystal chandelier, and a Romanesque figure can all be found in the entrance hall. The upper stories are accessed via a vintage birdcage elevator and a red-carpeted, curved marble staircase with a painted mural.

The second floor contains two formal gathering areas. The living room is in the front and has a pleated gold-cloth ceiling, velvet chairs, and lots of red and green furniture. The room is decorated with elaborate sculptures and other treasures like silver jewelry boxes and clocks. Ivana stated that the chamber was “how Louis XVI would have lived if he had money” in her book, “Raising Trump.”

The dining room’s walls are covered in gold silk and have a chandelier hanging above it. Two circular tables and one long, rectangular table are surrounded by tall-backed chairs with a golden yellow finish. If a buyer were interested, Eric said, the furniture might be negotiated along with the sale of the house.

There is a white grand piano in the area between the two rooms. Ivana never learned to play the piano, yet she still hired concert pianists to entertain partygoers. The third-floor library has spotted wallpaper and furnishings and is almost entirely furnished in leopard print. On the walls are paintings of two leopards playing together and a framed picture of Ivana holding a dog.

The master bedroom best captures Trump’s purportedly eccentric aesthetic. The color scheme consists of gold, gentle greens, and soft pinks. A canopy bed is placed in front of a fireplace that has gold embossing. The walls are decorated with Chinese artwork. The en suite bathroom’s marble floors, twin sinks, bathtub, cabinets, and walls are all Pepto Bismol pink, as are the walls and cabinets.

The faucets and hardware have gold accents. The primary bedroom has a patio that faces south and receives plenty of light in the middle of the morning and early afternoon. A full-sized kitchen was the one item that was noticeably missing.

However, one well-known broker claimed that the house is “overpriced” after hearing about the listing. It requires a complete renovation. He projected that it would sell for $17 million or $18 million.


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