“It is Not Over Yet,”-Trump Says About Kari Lake’s Election Race Despite Her Defeat

Trump said that Kari Lake went through “an extraordinary election” and that “it’s not over” days after Lake lost the Arizona governor’s race. At a public forum, he stated, “there were several faulty voting machines,” suggesting that these malfunctions occurred primarily in Republican strongholds.

What occurred there is a disgrace,” the ex-president concluded. However, I must tell Kari, “You did a terrific job, and it is not yet over.” Ms. Lake, a follower of President Trump’s who has adopted his bogus narrative of a stolen 2020 election, lost her bid for governor of Arizona last week.

She shared a video on social media in which she called her election loss “unforgivable” and vowed to continue fighting for her followers. She refused to accept the election, claiming falsely that “tens of thousands” of voters in Maricopa county, Arizona, had been denied their votes. She went as far as to recommend legal action, claiming she had a team of the “best and brightest” lawyers on her side.

“What occurred on election day in Arizona is very unacceptable”-Kari Lake  says

“I have been raising concerns about the integrity of Arizona‘s voting process for two years. Everything we’ve said has been right, and the past week’s events have further reinforced that,” she said.” The people in charge of the elections let us down terribly. What occurred on election day in Arizona is very unacceptable.”

Bill Gates, chairman of the Maricopa county board of supervisors, has dismissed her concerns, telling the media, “we feel very sure that every voter had the opportunity to vote and have their vote tallied.” It was a fair process in which no one was denied their vote.

Katie Hobbs, the Democratic candidate, told her supporters at a victory rally that Arizonans had opted for “fixing our problems over conspiracy theories” and “sanity over chaos.” Meanwhile, on Friday, Ms. Lake’s “failed campaign” was criticized by the estate of the late Tom Petty for its “illegal” use of one of his top songs.

After the campaign used Petty’s hit, “I won’t back down,” to promote her run for Arizona governor, Petty’s estate issued a statement on Twitter saying it is exploring all legal options it has.

source: thelocalreport.in

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