Animal Kingdom has been canceled or renewed for a seventh season?

The ‘Animal Kingdom’ Series Finale Has Come and Gone — But Is This the End?

It’s been nearly a decade since TNT’s critically acclaimed crime drama Animal Kingdom first aired. Despite their flaws, fans have grown to know and love the cast of criminal masterminds.

Will the seventh season of Animal Kingdom air?

Friends, alas. After six seasons, Animal Kingdom has come to an end. TNT delivered both good and bad news to its viewers early last year. On the one hand, the show has been renewed for two additional seasons, to the astonishment of fans. The show was also announced to end after Season 6.

The series finale, which aired on August 28 and left us all in shambles, forced viewers to say goodbye to the cast.

Although reviews for Episode 13, “Fubar,” were mixed, the overall consensus was that the showrunners outdid themselves with the ending. Fans expressed their feelings on social media after the show. Shawn Hatosy’s final episode performance as Andrew “Pope” Cody was widely praised.

One user tweeted, “Spent the last 75 minutes on the absolute edge of my seat!” “What a fitting conclusion for Animal Kingdom!” [Shawn Hatosy] is a phenomenal actor who deserves much praise for his work!”

“Most shows screw up the finale, but I think Animal Kingdom got it right,” another Animal Kingdom viewer added. That was a fantastic finale!”

But why was the show called off? Here’s what we know so far!

Animal Kingdom’ was canceled for what reason?

Neither the showrunners nor TNT has revealed the valid reason for Animal Kingdom’s cancellation. However, executive producer Daniele Nathanson stated that the cast and crew’s mission was to “give a finale worthy of what we all think was a great show.”
“I didn’t want the audience to feel like they weren’t given a worthy finale of something that we’d all invested a lot of time in,” the showrunner told TV Fanatic. Of course, when it comes to pressure!”

“I hope it will be remembered as an exciting, adrenaline-filled, fun show that is also a dark family drama dealing with intergenerational trauma and the love of brothers,” Daniele added.

Even though viewers were sad to see them go, the cast said one last goodbye on social media.

“From all of us at Animal Kingdom, here’s a heartfelt ‘thank you,” read a tweet from the series’ official Twitter account. Thank you for joining us on this adventure. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or have recently joined the Codys.”
The tweet included a video of the cast saying goodbye along with the message.

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