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IRS Sending Refunds: Check Your Bank Account NOW


Did you receive some unexpected money in your account?

No, it’s not the fourth stimulus check. It’s the Internal Revenue Service that’s distributing refund payments to taxpayers who overpaid their taxes on 2020 unemployment.

Even though IRS hasn’t confirmed this officially, it’s the social media platform where many users have shared their tax transcript with the date of August 18.

Taxpayers Sharing their Joy on Social Media

Reddit users received the refund in her account & expressed their happiness on social media:


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When asked, a source familiar with IRS confirmed a batch of payments was due to be delivered this week.

So, if you receive any payment via direct deposits, don’t be surprised as this is due for a long time.

Ever since the American Rescue Plan came to effect in March 2021, IRS is working to adjust approx. 13 million tax returns.

However, not every adjustment will come in favor of a refund as the federal law excluded up to $10,200 in 2020 unemployment compensation from taxable income.

Even last month, IRS had distributed around 8.7 million unemployment adjustments related refunds and as of now, the average refund size stands at $1,686.

That’s for now.

Were you expecting to receive a refund from the IRS?

And if you were, did the refund arrived in your account today?

Do let us know in the comments section given below.

  1. Flora c Wilson says

    I have worked every day of my life ,,I’m 45 years old,,,,,I have never ever received 1 unemployment check sinse the corona virus has started,and neither has my daughter,,they say the money is there for low income but again I have not received anything for 2 1/2 years and neither has my daughter or my son,,,,how do u think that is fair???????

  2. Quana says

    I didn’t receive mine and have a date for today don’t no if it’s getting mailed

    1. Elaine Lennatd says

      No on mine either.no check!!

    2. Rachel says

      Yes i got mine yesterday

  3. Tammy Barnes says

    I didn’t receive mine, and I could use it desperately

  4. Latoya Davis says

    no I haven’t received any thing today how do I find out because I can’t go in my transcript

  5. Brian Whiting says

    I’ve been waiting since February 12th
    This is a game, covid and unemployment and child care are getting there money where’s mine for filing taxes and being accepted opening day

  6. Tracy says

    I didn’t file a 2020 tax return yet I’m super late. But i payed taxes on unemployment last year. Need to see if they can use my 2019 taxes or will it need to be 2020 return. Do anyone know?

    1. No I never received my stimulus money for this year of $1400 dollars I got my 2020 taxes back but didn't receive my stimulus check says

      I never received my $1400 dollar stimulus check

  7. Linda says

    I received part of it should have been another more something they did wrong

  8. AS says

    We I just guessed that it would come in time, but now I see that what I’m owed I probably won’t get from what I read above so.

  9. Loretta Combs says

    I’m very upset I’ve not received my return I’m on fixed income and have no money depressed because I have emergencies right now and can’t get my refund that wouldn’t set right with our government if we were holding there money very upset with the whole food stamp office to they want me to pay them I don’t have a dime Biden doesn’t care about us elderly or he would help us

    1. N. S. says

      I haven’t recived my tax return for 2020,

  10. Sherri Tankersley says

    I only got 39.00$ I paid in 7200 what the hell

  11. Cindy amenta says

    I have not recieved one yet and worked at my job for four years then Covid started and was let go to collecting unemployment had taxes taken out I have a 14 year old son starting high school why haven’t I received one

  12. Annie Hedrick says

    I did not recieve a refund today

    1. Elisha Harper says

      I didnt recieved mine neither… when will i get it … be nice to have right now

  13. Brittany Mcmahan says

    I am expecting a Refund, and no I haven’t received it today or yet? When will I? And can I check to see when and where it is… along with it being mail or direct deposit? I had change my bank info for my ctc payments will that change over for the ones refund as well…!? I need it ASAP! I’m a mother of 5 boys and in desperate Need to dig my way out of this Tunnel that I cant seem to hit a dead end at each way I try to go

  14. Roshelle says

    I’ve been waiting for my amended tax return since April 1,2021 and it’s been more than 18 weeks. Also did not receive no child care credit since they first released it. Where’s my money too ? Can’t get into my transcript, called the IRS line multiple of times and just when I’m almost through to taking to a customer service rep they not taking any calls or what not ? IRS NEEDS TO GET WITH IT ASAP !!!!

  15. Donna M Atkins says

    Have not got the third stimulus check

  16. Donna M Atkins says

    No third Stimulus and I have Direct Express

  17. Samantha Wilson says

    I didn’t receive one either. I filed my taxes and got the w2 from the unemployment office month and half later. So I don’t no what I am suppose to get back if I am even going to since I didn’t file the w2

  18. Claide says

    I didn’t Receive my Refund yet, that was supposed to reach my P.O. Box ! I’m in Hawaii

  19. Tiffany Lawrence says

    No i did not get anything today

  20. Cecil says

    No, transcripts still say 05/31/2021

  21. John Feeley says

    Got mine today

  22. Kenneth anderson says

    We filed march 30th with lure accountant and havnt received ours yet

  23. Martha says

    No not yet if I’m going to get one

  24. Elizabeth Preston says

    Never got 1 and 2 still waiting e-file March 8, got the 1400 without a hitch , account still the same

  25. Costella says

    Received today, over $1,900. Two dependants and head of household.

  26. Crystal Czyzewski says

    I did not receive my tax refund for last year.

  27. Glenn says

    No I have not received mine

    1. Tawanda Griffith says

      I have got my income tax check or my child care money my paper been send to d irs every scent March here it almost about tax time again so when will I be expecting to receive my income tax check

  28. Tina Melton says

    Have not received mine either.

    1. Lisa says

      I have yet to receive mine and I filed my taxes as soon as they said we could file I filed exactly the day it was opened to file and have not received a dime and was told could taken3 to 4 weeks still

  29. Sandra Christmas says

    I didn’t receive one

  30. Mary says

    I’m still waiting for my 2nd stimulus check even though I checked it on my tax return.

  31. Daryl Taylor says

    Filed in April aint receive nothing stimulus checks not a penny nickel or dime from irs or government since pandemic homeless people come last especially in Baltimore fuck up city i hate government politics they favor middle class high class all scandals i hate system greed money lies guess that what America loves i hate it not fair God don’t like ugly their time coming see what happened to trump going catch up with them

  32. Daryl Taylor says

    Their day coming i always think government favor millionaires billionaires people with money or white people

  33. Kim says

    I surly hope and pray I get mines soon I filed may 5th and still nothing like wth is going on with the irs people got bills groceries and stuff to get we need our money ASAP

  34. Loretta Fisher says

    My husband and I have been waiting on our third stimulus check to be deposited get my payment says we’re eligible and will deposit it when they get the payment date they can pay all these child tax credit and unemployment payment I wonder why they can’t get the date and deposit our money we’re seniors and they’ve been telling us the same thing since March SMH

  35. Carolyn says

    Filed end of JANUARY, found out afterwards someone frauded my account. Turned in ALL Information in March and still have not received my refund. This is totally unacceptable. It’s amazing how the government treats you. You work all your life to end up being treated like trash.

  36. Brooke says

    I’m with hancock Whitney and I got mine today

  37. Brenda Murray says

    I been waiting and waiting and waiting and calling and calling and calling it’s really nerve racking. My God people need there money they work for it and then they Gregg Abbott stop your unemployment I have two boys that needed me at home plus my job ended he don’t know what people going through he just playing with our life .God have mercy on his soul and the rest who playing with people lives over politcs.

  38. Colleen says

    been almost 3 months now haven’t received anything yet an can’t get any info on where’s my refund

  39. Cassandra woodson says

    I didn’t get anything yet I keep checking my account nothing I did receive unemployment I had taxes taken out I wish I would come asap

    1. Aarona Parker says

      No I didn’t get one . I paid taxes on my unemployment

  40. Kahlisha Gilchrist says

    It’s frustrating where is my refund smh it’s already been 4 weeks since I received a letter but no money yet terrible

  41. Odell White says

    I have not received mine still waiting and hoping that’s it coming

  42. Nichole says

    So does anyone know where exactly your seeing the update on transcript. I just wanna make sure I’m looking at the right spot. I filed in January I think but received my refund in March. So I’m just trying to figure out about the unemployment tax thing because I’ve been looking and waiting and I’m not getting any answers.

  43. Carrie fugate says

    No no did not it’s bull shit been waiting

  44. Katina Coffey says

    I’m strapped and been waiting since June 24th!.. I have 8 weeks in Que in the Connect website and have done all my job searches and I’m dead in water now. All my bills are overdue including rent!.. This isn’t a good way to make mistakes when middle class citizens have worked all their life and since the pandemic it has been sporadic!. We need some kind of relief or WE THE PEOPLE will be homeless and on every damn Gov benefit just to survive. I’ve done all side jobs just to get by and it’s put my back up against the wall like being between a rock and a hard place. I do have job interviews and that’s a little bit of hope at least!..
    Please send relief.

  45. Debra Maynard says

    I am still waiting on my tax refund to be deposited I’ve had lots of patience with this but I really could use this little extra amount at this time certainly hope it arrives soon.

    D Maynard

    1. Heather Eiken says

      I was wondering how I can find out if I get one

  46. S.smith says

    No didn’t get mine im so heartbroken, gonna be homeless soon !!!😢

  47. Penny Daigle says

    No I didn’t get mine sense last year I beaver got none of them yet

  48. Deven Mohrbacher says

    No I haven’t gotten anything not even the child taxe credit and my 3 kids and I are living 8n a hotel cuz we were kicked out of our house when the law was in effect but nobody would help us been in hotel for a year now

  49. Rebecca L Oglesby says

    Hey this is Rebecca L.Oglesby I just wanted to let you know that I have not received any of my stimulus checks or my unemployment money since y’all started giving out the money from the beginning.

  50. Fayne says

    I received only $15.15 of unemployment refund. Ain’t no way that’s right I’m owed some money. The IRS need to get it together. Called the IRS only to get hung up on after being on hold for an hour.

  51. Fayne says

    I only received $15.15, that is not correct and when I called they hung up on me after waiting a whole hour. The IRS need to get it together

  52. Lindsay Noland says

    I haven’t received my tax break from the 10200 from unemployment yet???

  53. Takeela Nellum says

    I didn’t receive mines lord knows I need it to catch up on my bills and food I have direct deposit with chime thanks 🙌🏽🙌🏽❣️❣️🙏🏽🙏🏽

  54. Betty says

    I did my feb.14 and to this day I have not received it.it would be nice to get it soon. I had bad health and it would be nice to get it before winter hits.

  55. Sonya Parris says

    I have been waiting for my 2020 tax return since May And I’m in a situation trying to take care of 2 disabled kids one has cancer and trying to find another place to stay. I already try calling to talk to a tax advocate but didn’t get any way with that one minute it’s say still being process to they haven’t received any thing yet Please Help

  56. Kathy Watson says

    For those who haven’t got back taxes get an advocate ..I did and got my taxes in 2 or 3 weeks

  57. Shannon says

    I haven’t received my $10,200 unemployment refund either

  58. Kathy dunagan says

    Haven’t received mine yet at the 1800 but that was it I need to know how I put my account number on there where you can put it into my checking account can you let me know that

  59. shari mccoy says

    I have gotten anything from all this and my income tax returns sitting there still waiting to be cleared out and paid MARCH. We pay our taxes and they still have not completed our tax return.

  60. Angel says

    I have not recieved my refund. I filed on march 8th 2021 by mail and everytime I go to the website they give us it can not answer my questions.

  61. David Pete says

    I got a latter but didn’t get the check yet it said 2 to 3 weeks after i got the latter an haven’t got nothing

  62. Tina worland says

    No been waiting since April

  63. rick wood says

    Small amount. Less than $200

  64. Claudette says

    I received my money months ago direct deposit. Thank You IRS. I was unemployed for about 6 months and taxes were with held.

  65. Cydney Morrison says

    I’m still waiting to receive my refund. Been behind on bills and it’s a hard struggle

  66. Mark Vinson says

    I’ve been waiting for my $1,600 tax refunds for like three weeks because I have been struggling with bills every month because of the Covid-19 situation. I’ve been waiting patiently for it but never got it in the mail or direct deposit.

  67. Rachel Walker says

    We filed our taxes in February and were set to get a refund of over $5000. TurboTax showed it as approved and has since then and we have NEVER RECEIVED IT. Talked to the IRS yesterday and we were told that the first 2 stimulus checks were deducted from our refund and that’s why we didn’t get it. First of all, that makes NO SENSE. The stimulus checks were said to be sent TO HELP. It wasn’t a choice given and the stimulus checks didn’t amount to what our return was set to be. Secondly, I was under the understanding that the most recent new child tax credit you were given to option to opt out b/c it will affect your tax refund NEXT YEAR. It’s complete bs. We worked and that’s OUR MONEY WE ARE OWED! We don’t receive unemployment or any government assistance. The lady we spoke to said their phones are blowing up b/c of this issue. And clearly from the comments we’re not alone. She also asked if we received the 3rd stimulus??? Ummm no.

  68. Lisa says


  69. christine pritchett says

    I have not got mine yet I am still waiting.

  70. Janette Torres says

    What the people waiting on tax returns? It’s been months since we filed! Have rent and bills to pay.

  71. Barbara ledee says

    I never receive anything I’m 25 years old been working since I was 16 and now I have 2 kids I’m struggling and didn’t receive anything at all Louisiana is one of the poorest states and we can’t receive anything everything is truly just going badly .

  72. Joe Ybarra says

    I havent received a check one. The problem is it connected to the wrong acct and i dont know how to fix it. I think my son has cashed my check we have the same name the thing is he lives in Arkansas plz tell me how to fix it

  73. Mindy Black says

    This is Mindy Black I filed my taxes in January and had my w-2 for my unemployment but I have not received any refund on my taxes on my unemployment do I qualify or not please let me know what is going on

  74. Patrick says


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