Insatiable Black Mamba Destroys Pet Bird Cage, Eating Seven of Them

Seven pet birds were eaten by a “very hungry” black mamba that broke into a South African house cage.

One of KZN Amphibian and Reptile Conservation co-founder Nick Evans has said that the snake entered an exotic birdcage in Pinetown, Greater Durban, and proceeded to consume all the birds within.


“This very hungry Black Mamba found its way into a ‘bird room’ near Pinetown,” said Evans in a Facebook post.

The most venomous snakes in Africa are black mambas. If you don’t get medical attention for a snake bite, you have a 100% chance of dying. However, when threatened, they have been known to strike out and attack.

Among the snakes’ favorite prey are rodents, including mice and squirrels, as well as small birds. Before releasing their target, the snakes bite their prey and inject it with poison. Using their flexible jaws that dislocate to fit around food, they wait until the victim is either immobilized or dead before devouring it in its entirety.

A black mamba also killed four additional birds in another cage, according to Evans, but had difficulty squeezing them through the bars, so they could be eaten as well.

Because it was still in the cage and couldn’t escape when the snake catcher arrived, his task was made easier. he described it as a simple “catch”

“The mamba, on the other hand, wouldn’t characterize as greedy. Despite their size, they were able to feed on a modest amount of food. He was in desperate need of help!” Evans remarked on the matter.

Despite the snake eating all of the property’s birds, Evans claimed on Facebook he was “so delighted” the owners phoned him to remove it.

People may become enraged by the situation and end up killing the snake, Evans said. “However, the owner was quite accommodating. He knew this would be a problem because he lived on the verge of a natural reserve.”

Black mambas prefer the valleys and nature parks that surround Greater Durban as their natural home. The presence of rodents and feral kittens in residential settings might also attract snakes.

Conservationist Evans is a big fan of snakes. When a snake is found in the home, the snake catcher frequently urges the public to call a snake catcher rather than try to kill the snake themselves.

“We’re seeing an increase in people’s tolerance for snakes, albeit slowly. We’ve put in a lot of time and effort, and we’ll keep doing so “It was something that the snake catcher told him.

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