Influenza Cases in New York City Increase by 100% in One Week as the Flu Season Hits Early

New data shows that the number of confirmed cases of influenza in New York City recently skyrocketed, increasing by more than 100% in just one week. According to the city’s influenza surveillance report, there were around 11,500 newly diagnosed cases of influenza in the town for the week ending November 26.

Data showed that there were 5,500 additional instances just one week prior. move. Kathy Hochul has stated that the “spiking way too early” surge in influenza infections across the state correlates with the increase in local occurrences of the virus.

Health professionals have worried about the possibility of a “tripledemic”

She remarked on Wednesday that we’re worried about a sharp increase compared to other years. Since the weather has turned chilly, health professionals have worried about the possibility of a “tripledemic,” in which COVID-19, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, all reach their peaks at the same time.

On Wednesday, Hochul detailed the state’s measures in anticipation of a possible COVID-19 outbreak this winter. Although coronavirus instances have been “rising” in New York City, it remains to be seen if the virus will spike again as it did around a year ago.

According to Hochul, flu activity looks to be increasing significantly across the country, far sooner than in previous seasons.


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