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In response to a student’s question, “Where are infants born?” the teacher has the perfect answer in a TikTok video


Elementary school instructors are the greatest for a slew of reasons. “Where do babies come from?” is just one of the many questions youngsters ask a teacher in this viral TikTok (among several other excellent questions).

Mrs. Nancy Bullard’s TikTok video is a perfect example of “kids saying the darndest things.” But it’s not just humorous, it’s adorable. When she returned to work after maternity leave, Mrs. Bullard recorded a Q&A session with her students.



Their excitement was palpable as she began by playing a slideshow of images of her new son, Sam, which she then introduced to them. One of the most endearing videos I’ve ever seen.

Things then take a turn for the worse.

Asked if she was “training him to walk,” she said, “Yes.” Mrs. Bullard politely responds that Sam is just lying around and smiling because he is just three months old.

“Does he sleep in your bed or with your dad?” Sam is content to sleep in his own bed at night (and yes, baby Sam does deserve that round of applause).

Asked, “What kind of food does he consume?” The only one who guessed “applesauce” deserves a shoutout.

Things begin to go out of control now.

What are the challenges of being a mother? “Pretty challenging,” Mrs. Bullard concedes, which is fantastic.

Next, a student comes up and accuses the substitute, who was filling in for Mrs. Bullard, of presuming that Mrs. Bullard wouldn’t be returning to work after she gave birth to her child. The youngsters are clearly ecstatic that they were able to disprove the sub’s theory here.

“Where do babies originate from?” is the million-dollar question.

Referred to as How to Get Pregnant: The Dirty Little Secret

As a parent, teacher or someone who looks after children in some capacity, this question is one that we all fear. In no way am I implying that there’s any shame in this game, but it can be tough to convey the subtleties of conception and all that precedes it in an age-appropriate manner.

Finally, Mrs. Bullard gets it right: “They originate from an organ called your uterus.”

They do indeed. They do, for sure. So there you go. That is the sum total of the matter. As soon as you finish answering the first question, you go on to the next one without wasting any time.

Give a round of applause to Mrs. Bullard (and sleeping baby Sam) for sharing this endearing video and reminding us why children are the best.

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