In Lower Merion, A Woman Admits To Fatally Shooting Her Mother’S Boyfriend

NORRISTOWN, N.J. A woman from Philadelphia is admit to fatally shooting her mother’s boyfriend. On New Year’s Eve in Lower Merion during a domestic dispute.

The 5000 block of Locust Street, Samiyah Haniyy Williams, 25, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of third-degree murder in Montgomery County Court fatal shooting of Adrienne Reaves on December 31, 2021. At a residence along Saint Asaphs Road in Lower Merion’s Bala Cynwyd section.

Judge William R. Carpenter postponed Williams’ sentencing so that he could undergo a psychological evaluation.

Third-degree murder is a murder committed with malice, which explains as a punishable act by a maximum prison term. It may result in 20 to 40 years for the hardness of heart or cruelty.

While Carpenter will have complete discretion in crafting the sentence, Assistant District Attorney Meghan Bernadette Carney and co-prosecutor William Harry Highland III have stated that they will not seek more than 12 years in prison for Williams.

During his questioning of Williams, defense attorney Robert Craig Keller hinted that he would seek a reduced sentence. State sentencing guidelines may allow for a reduced sentence of 712 years in prison.

Williams, while describing, pleads guilty because she wants to accept responsibility for her actions.

“Are you making this decision on your own?” Keller inquired of Williams.

“Yes,” Williams said.

Williams pleads guilty and avoids a trial. If convicted, she would face a more serious charge of first-degree murder, which is an intentional killing punishable by life imprisonment.
After entering the guilty plea, Williams escorts from the courtroom by sheriff’s deputies. More than a dozen family members surround her. They said, “We love you.”

Williams is still being held in the county jail without bail pending his sentencing.
Lower Merion police respond to a report of a shooting. At 20 Saint Asaph’s Road, in the lobby of the Delwyn Apartments.

At 9:55 p.m. on December 31. Lower Merion Detective Gregory Pitchford and County Detective Gregory Henry filed a criminal complaint. Officers arrive to find Reaves, 49, dead on the first-floor lobby floor.

Henry and Pitchford wrote in court documents, “He appeared to be shot in the head.” “Near the deceased victim, There was only one silver 9mm Luger fired cartridge case discovered.

During the investigation, authorities discovered that Police were in contact with Reaves and his girlfriend, Joi Furman. Who is Williams’ mother, approximately 90 minutes before the shooting, at 8:27 p.m., during “a domestic dispute that occurred in the parking lot of the Delwyn Apartments,” as reported to Police by a passing concerned citizen?

According to court documents, At the time, Reaves and Furman “stated the dispute was only verbal,” and the couple decided to part ways for the evening. According to court documents, Police left the area After observing Reaves leave the apartment building to handle another call, to take another call.

Detectives obtained video surveillance footage from the Delwyn Apartments lobby during the investigation and determined that it captured the gunshot slaying. According to court documents, after Reaves collapsed on a floor. A person dressed in dark pants. A dark hooded top and a black winter coat-wearing person stand on the floor. It is walking away from the shooting scene.

“In their right hand, This individual armed with a black semi-automatic handgun.” “This individual is especially notable. Because he is the only person seen. “There are people. “In the footage immediately preceding and following the murder, some people do not stay on the scene. She speaks to investigators,” Henry and Pitchford claimed.

Detectives later identified Williams as the person wearing dark clothing and carrying the weapon. Williams had a valid concealed weapon permit, according to court documents.

Furman allegedly told detectives, according to the criminal complaint.

Her daughter, Williams, shot Reaves. Explaining the incident, “God, my child has a bad temper” and “I’m going to lose two people.”

The investigation reveals Furman had called her mother, Williams’ grandmother, earlier that evening and stated that Reaves had struck her during an argument. According to court documents, Williams and her grandmother, with whom she lived, responded to the Delwyn Apartments. Where Reaves and Williams allegedly exchange words before the shooting.

According to court documents, Williams later surrendered to authorities.

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