In a Tragic Collision in Harnett County an 11-year-old is Injured and 2 People Are Dead

In the early hours of Saturday morning, tragedy struck on the peaceful sections of US-421 near Raven Rock Road in Harnett County.

A collision involving two automobiles, later identified as a white Ford Mustang and a Honda Minivan, sent shockwaves across the community, killing both drivers and badly injuring a youngster.

Victims Identified and Lives Lost

The crash killed 19-year-old Kysheem Dayshawn Green of Benson and 71-year-old Elsa Vasquez of Angier.

Both drivers were sadly killed on the scene, leaving behind heartbroken families and a community in grief.

Vasquez’s 11-year-old grandson was also severely injured as a result of the crash, adding to the incident’s tragic toll.

Tragic Collision Claims Two Lives, Leaves Child Injured in Harnett County Crash

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Seeking Answers During Grief

As officials deal with the aftermath of the crash, questions remain about the conditions that led to the unfortunate tragedy.

According to the State Highway Patrol, Green, driving the white Ford Mustang, crossed the centerline, causing the tragic collision with Vasquez’s Honda Minivan.

However, the exact cause of the incident is still being investigated, leaving officials and the community searching for answers amidst great grief.
The deaths of two people and a severe injury to a kid serve as a sharp reminder of the fragility of life and the significance of safe driving habits as the inquiry progresses, the Harnett County community rallies in support of the bereaved families and remains hopeful that the injured youngster will recover.
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