Illinois’ Thanksgiving Meal Costs are Higher Than Ever

This year’s Thanksgiving favourites will cost extra.

Illinois buyers reported a statewide average price of $65.53 for a conventional Thanksgiving lunch for 10, up 12.7% from last year’s $58.15. 2017 average: $49.12
Illinois Farm Bureau economist Mike Doherty blames inflation.

Doherty defined inflation as an increase in all prices we pay. All expenses are rising: labour, transportation, energy, and packaging.

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Over the previous year, the national average cost of turkey, a Thanksgiving staple, rose 21% to $28.96. Doherty said some price hikes are farm-related.

“Some are tied to agriculture supply and demand, like turkey prices,” he added. “That’s connected to , which killed some turkeys and depopulated several poultry farms.”

Frozen turkeys are cheap. The average per-pound price for entire frozen turkeys was $1.11 the week of Nov. 3–9, then dropped 14% to 95 cents the following week. Unpurchased turkeys should be cheaper than the Farm Bureau average.

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11 foods rose in price, and cranberries declined. Cubed bread stuffing is up 70% from last year.

Farm Bureau’s price study adds ham, russet potatoes, and frozen green beans to reflect changing Thanksgiving habits. Adding these meals to the traditional Thanksgiving dinner would cost $17.25 or $81.30. Food basket prices have risen 18% since 2021.

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