Illinois Man Fatal Collision on Interstate 80/94 After Police Pursuit!

After running from the police during a traffic stop and colliding with a semi-truck on Monday afternoon on Interstate 80/94 in Lake County, an Illinois man died.

Just after 1:40 p.m., a state trooper stopped a gray 2012 Kia Optima for traffic just east of the Lake Station exit ramp. According to authorities, the Kia’s driver, 20-year-old Bryan Flores of Round Lake, Illinois, bolted as the trooper approached him to speak with him.

The trooper returned to his police car and was going to initiate a pursuit. However, the trooper pulled over on the interstate and decided not to pursue Flores due to the high traffic volume.

A significant accident on I-90/94 near milepost 12.8 was reported to emergency services by 911 callers at 1:45 in the afternoon. A gray Kia Optima had reportedly rear-ended a semi while moving at a fast rate of speed, according to callers.

According to the police, Flores was thrown from the car and suffered fatal injuries. He was flown by helicopter to a trauma center in Illinois, where he eventually passed away.

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Two sizable duffle bags filled with marijuana were found by investigators at the scene in the Kia’s trunk. The Kia that crashed was the same one that had been stopped close to the Lake Station exit, according to police. The semi’s driver escaped the collision without any injuries.

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